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Magnetic Attraction Playlist
Retail: $49.75
Price: $45.00
Save: 10%
Love and intimacy must be nurtured and cultivated. This 4-mp3 set helps develop your energies so that the right partner walks into your life at the right time. Use these Flowdreams to create a new landscape inside yourself that in which love can take root and grow. Enjoy the following... More
Lose Weight Now! Playlist
Retail: $57.80
Price: $49.00
Save: 15%
Lose 10 pounds or 50! Finally, you have a way to not just lose it, but KEEP the weight off. The Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System Playlist is designed to uncover and eradicate every bit of resistance  in your body  to staying slim.  In only two weeks, your body... More
Freedom, Truth and Power Playlist
Retail: $29.85
Price: $28.99
Save: 3%
Each of the three Flowdreams in this 50-minute playlist helps you open up and express yourself, and move you into an incredible place of personal power.  Feel what it's like to be able to freely speak your mind, knowing there won't be any negative consequences. Feel how when you say... More
Ready to Go Big! Playlist
Price: $29.85
This 64-minute set of four Flowdreams gently works multiple aspects of your energy and inner beliefs that are holding you back as you program your Flow to release you into the next phase of an unrestricted, wildly successful life.  Each Flowdream breaks open your resistance and helps... More
Heal My Body Playlist
Retail: $29.85
Price: $28.99
Save: 3%
Do you believe that your mind affects your body, or not?   If it does, then are you actually using your mind, often, to heal yourself? This 3-pack of Flowdreams gives you over 47-minutes of focused power to truly put your mind into your mind-body healing paradigm.... More
Flowdream-of-the-Month Club
GET YOUR FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP! You'll receive hand-selected Flowdreams all year long as you create your powerful manifesting audio library. Each month, your "surprise Flowdream" will arrive with lots of love, encouragement, and direction for its use. Monthly themes will focus on... More
The Prosperity Challenge: A 14-Day Program for Manifesting - DOWNLOADABLE SET
Retail: $49.95
Price: $39.95
Save: 20%
The Prosperity Challenge is a two-week program for transitioning your thinking toward a life of abundance and financial security. The Challenge shows you how to manifest prosperity using a process called Flowdreaming that lets you access higher, deeper states of mind. You will reprogram your... More