One Brilliant Thing (Live Set 2023)

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Experience the five BEST recordings from our live 2023 summertime "One Brilliant Thing" event. Each Flowdream focuses on a special aspect of your heart's desire. "One Brilliant Thing" is that one thing that if it happened, came to you, healed, or succeeded would make all the difference to you.

It's the game changer...the "corner-turner." Play each Flowdream one day a week...or just play the same one over and over! Your heart will tell you which one you need most.

Track 1: Soul-Quenching Signs: Feel connectivity with our future and the Universe through allowing in "soul-quenching signs." 15:07 min.

Track 2: Energized Emotions: Create intense and pleasurable feelings around your One Brilliant Thing. 15:25 min.

Track 3: Powerful Purpose: Feel clarity, transparency and focus around your One Brilliant Thing. 13:43 min.

Track 4: Major Manifesting Mojo: Your key feelings are power, intention, abundance and focus around your One Brilliant Thing. 11:45 min.

Track 5: Light Lifted and Healed: Feel your One Brilliant Thing feel rolling in. No force, no work—just receiving. 17:47 min.

Note that these Flowdreams are all extracted from our LIVE event, so the sound quality and format are a little different than usual! In some cases, we selected the quality of energy over the quality of audio.

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Author Summer McStravick
Type Audio mp3(s)
Product type Downloadable Audio
Manufacturer Flowdreaming
Track Samples
Soul Quenching Signs
Energized Emotions
Powerful Purpose
Major Manifesting Mojo
Light, Lifted and Healed