Flowdreaming Podcast 618: Flowdreaming 101

Flowdreaming 101

Enjoy this beautiful, easy-to-understand explanation of what Flowdreaming is and how to do it. Then, drop into Flow itself in a gorgeous Flowdream inside this episode that aligns to to all the best possibilities in your life. Program your future, refresh your mind and emotions, and feel the lift that total positive alignment can give you.

If you love this, go get the free “How to Flowdream Kit,” which gives you an audio guide, a quick-start PDF, and your first Flowdream: Positive Flow. 

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Flowdreaming Podcast 617: 7 Awesome Tips for How to Enter a Decade

How to Enter a Decade

Why does 2020 feels so big, exciting and kind of ill-fitting? Take a look at the insecurities we face entering this new decade…plus the antidote as Summer shares seven crafty ways to turn 2020 into your best year yet….all in Flow.

The best Flowdream for entering the decade is My Future Self.

And for those of you looking for the complete series of podcasts about Lack-thinking, they are numbered: 412, 413, 414, 415, 521, 522. Enjoy!

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Flowdreaming Podcast 616: Creative Nurturing Time (How to Know What A Good Next Step Looks Like)

Creative Nurturing Time (How to Know What A Good Next Step Looks Like)

Those times when you sputter and stall…how do you know when you’re regrouping and refreshing versus just pulling back from fear? Hear Summer show you how to identify when you’re in a state of creative nurturing so you can make the most of it and stop blaming yourself for not getting anything done.

Like this topic? Try the Flowdream Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream.

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Softness is strength

Softness is strength. But sometimes we forget.

Our world thrives on the critical. So much so, that when we’re real and soft with each other, it’s suspect.

Lies make all the good shows on TV. Think Preacher, Barry, Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black. All depend on lies to spin them forward.

Realness and vulnerability are so much harder to write, let alone act.

That means these are rare, and what’s rare is coveted. Which means you are coveted. Because you are not a lie. 

Take this moment to feel how real and soft you are. It’s a rare and divine commodity these days. Forget what they say about being hard and tough. Hard and tough is easy. It’s walled, shielded, and thick. Bricks are easy to come by. 

The truly strong let their softness walk through their front door, knowing the risk, and they still take it. And because you do that, you are truly strong.

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