Flowdreaming Podcast 607: Where Tiny Steps Can Lead

Flow is all about shifting and flowing in the right direction.

It’s about micro steps and tiny choices. The biggest mountains can be moved with a shovel….if you remain consistent. We’ll look at where you allow yourself to make these easy tiny shifts, and where you don’t, and free up any stuck spaces. Come join me! Try the My Easy, Flowing Life Playlist at Flowdreaming.com for support.

In this episode:

7:35Hear how Summer incorporates tiny shifts into her life 

8:05Learn how Summer works with people to discover how they are creating in their lives and what they can do to be more effective

8:55 – Discover the first tiny step you take to achieve bigger goals and how you build on that in Flow

11:05Discover why comparing your life to others doesn’t work

12:00Summer shares an example of how tiny steps can take a business from an idea to a reality

15:00Listen to hear when it’s time to take the big leap and how the tiny steps made it possible

17:45 –  Ask Flow to give you more tiny shifts in your life every day so that you can build anything you want on them

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Flowdreaming Podcast 606: The Real Reason We Procrastinate or Avoid


What happens when you’ve created certain no-go zones in your life and Flow? Take a look at the energy components of what it means to not see, do, think about, or let yourself feel certain things. For more, try the Get Unstuck Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

2:20 – Find out what procrastination is really about and what’s behind it

5:40 – Discover we say “no” to some things and yes to others

6:52 – Summer gives you the first of three points to get things moving and happening in your life

11:10 – Learn how staying in the waiting zone deprives you of your ability to live your life

15:10 – Listen to find out if you’re sliding from practical waiting into holding yourself back

24:52 – Summer reveals her some details about next program, an affordable program designed for makers!

28:55 – Discover the best thing you can do when you wake up each day to overcome procrastination! It’s easier than you think.

30:45 – Learn one move you can make that will make you feel lighter than you have in ages!

33:15 – Hear how letting go of “perfect” will help you get things moving.

36:00 – Find out how fear works against you to protect you, and how to get beyond it.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 605: Five Ways to Feel Better Right Now

Lousy day? Lousy week? How do you shift energy so you get out of the everything-is-icky rut?

I share my five go-to’s for changing my energy instantly. Come shift yours right now, with me, in Flow. Then keep that shift by using the Flowdream Super Inner Yumminess at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

3:30 – Discover the simplest way to immediately calm and reset yourself and why it works

4:55 – Summer shares one of her most popular products that at 5 minutes long, instantly changes your day!

6:25 – Learn how a gratitude practice works to shift your mindset.

9:20 – Find out why what you don’t want, expect or enjoy is necessary to help you shift.

11:05 – Learn how embracing saves you from spending your energy on the wrong things.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 604: Defending Your Limitations? I Think Not.

I have a limit of 3. You can defend your limitations three times, then my empathy ends.

 You need a call to action. You need to embrace possibility. I work like mad to see and defeat my own limitations, so let’s take a look at what limitations are, and how to beat them (with Flow, of course). Break through your own limitations with the Reclaim My Power and Speak My Truth Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

5:45 – Discover why we defend the things that hold us back and hold us down.

8:15 – Find out how Summer works with people to dig into their patterns behind their self-limitations.

10:45 – Learn how you can reject your old truth and create a new one for yourself.16:50 – Take a look at your limitations and change how you view them so that you can move through them.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 603: Heart-Rending, Tear-Streaming Joy

A strange side-effect of both having had cancer and of practicing flow for so long…is that I can open to pure, exquisite, heart-rending, tear-streaming joy.

 On demand. For real. I share how I do it, how it feels, and thoughts on how this strange ability may have been created. Come join me! Then get your own joy with the Pure Inner Ecstasy Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

2:55 – Hear how a devastating diagnosis changed Summer’s direction and outlook on her life.

4:20 – Find out about a deep inner purge Summer experienced and how it made her become aware of the importance of her nonphysical heart

7:10 – Discover where you’ve been mistreating your heart and how you can change that

8:10 – Learn how Summer helps students find and identify their emotions

10:30 – Get Summer’s tip for bringing yourself to pure joy, finding it all within yourself.

13:05 – Feel how you want to feel right now using this simple technique that takes just minutes.

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