2023 International Book Awards 1st Place Winner, Self-Help/Motivational Category

Sometimes we need a good old cathartic do-over. We’ve been flatlining—emotionally spent and wrung out like an old washcloth. We want to feel a different way, be a different way. We’ve plateaued. We’re stuck.

We need to gain purpose and direction and feel good again. We want to find the self-worth, confidence, and inner strength that got wiped away from years of frustration, disappointments, and emotional depletion.

We’re ready to uplevel. And we want to know that we’ll be wildly successful at it.

In my new book, Stuff Nobody Taught You, I fill you in on all those secrets you wished someone had told you about how to craft and keep a happy, passion-filled life, all based on my flagship program, ME School.


In these pages, you’ll find all the resources and strategies necessary to reinvent yourself, discover your inner power and worth, and lean into a fresh new wind in life.


Who’s Suffering From Lack Thinking?

When we talk about going bigger, part of us pops up hellbent that’s on keeping us smaller. What is that part and why does it do that? Let’s talk about how to overcome all those “not good enough” and “it’ll never happen” thoughts.

Virtually ``enroll`` in ME School

Join over 1000 real-life students from the program this book was built from: ME School. You’ll regain your inner power and find clarity and focus through 40 bite-sized nightly lessons, each with a corresponding worksheet for eye-opening journaling and multiple “ah-ha’s.”

The King and the Queen, the Head and the Heart

One part of you is generally running the show: your head, or your heart. And baby, they don’t want to give up one drop of that power. But, our goal is to get into balance. That’s how we see the true riches available to us. We’ll pull apart “mind spin,” fear, and other things we do to ourselves to keep the King and the Queen in separate bedrooms.

“Next-Leveling” By Design (Not Luck)

Yo, you’ve been playing small. You’ve been stuck. You’ve been grinding without the expected payoff. We’ll talk about the inner work that needs to happen to get unstuck and enter your true next level of growth (personally, financially, and in any other way.)

Get UnFunked with Emotional Reconditioning

Feeling funky lately? Not back in the thick of life yet? Dissapointed with what you’ve made so far or thirsting for something finally rewarding? We’ll discover how a technique called emotional reconditioning (or Flowdreaming) can fully rewrite your inner emotional landscape.

Learn Manifesting from the Inside Out

Can you really make stuff happen with only the power of your mind? Yes…and no. Let’s blow up some dated and cliched concepts about manifesting and get ot the real heart of the practice.

Maybe You’re Not Lost… Maybe You’re just in the Middle of a Reinvention

Sometimes we need a go do-over and chance to go in a new direction. See what steps are involved in consciously revitalizing yourself, breaking down your fear of change, and finally hearing that part of you that’s been absolutely shouting to you about where it wants to go next.

You Do You, I'll Do Me

Fully differentiate yourself from your family, friends, negative people, and anyone who can’t see your value or worth. It’s about way more than boundaries…it’s loving and owning every little bit about yourself, as you are!

Construct Your Life Blueprint

There’s a powerful way to let the Universe know exactly what you want. It’s called making your Life Blueprint. We’ll sketch ours and learn what it’s made from (hint: emotion!) as well as how to fill it with strong directed energy.