The Flowdreaming Mastermind is a monthly membership that unlocks the full power of Flowdreaming.

Once you join, you’ll have instant access to 36 online courses—each one with hours of training, Flowdreams, and worksheets. Just take a peek at all the topics here.

Plus, each month I’ll invite you to special online events and live online Flowdreaming sessions. Many events will be based on natural cycles such as new and full moons or equinoxes and solstices. 

Together, we’ll Flowdream, talk, and I’ll deliver interesting insights into the world of Flow, magic and manifesting. 

Stay aligned, stay in flow, stay in ease.

And from time to time, I’ll even give you an extra ticket to invite a friend or two to an open house event — just for being a member.

Finally, it’s here—unlimited access to all kinds of teachings and live classes for a monthly fee.

Join me and let’s unleash flowing abundance all through our lives!

Enjoy once to twice monthly live channeled Flowdreaming sessions with Summer. Come get in alignment, ease, Flow and abundance.

Drink your fill of 36 audio courses on everything from designing your future self to time travel to healing your relationships or toxic emotion. The topics are endless. Check them out here.

Over 36 on-demand Flowdreams + hundreds of worksheets and journal prompts

Create closeness and connection with people with your same interests. Form lasting bonds month after month.

Refresh your mind, emotions and energy each time you join Summer live. Ask questions & receive channeled insights.

Special invites for you (and your friends) to sacred ceremonies and free open house events

COST: $97/mo.

Yes, you can. But I hope you don’t! The beauty of having so many courses, Flowdreams, and teachings to go through is that they’re there when you need them. Once you leave, your access to your Flowdreams and courses will end and you will not be able to access the materials or Flowdreams.

I made the Flowdreaming Mastermind so I could have more ability to see you all every month. So, I’ve planned a series of special events through the year. Most happen on new moons, full moons, solstices, equinoxes and other exceptionally potent days. Sometimes, I’ll just have a randomly chose a day. 

All will be held at either 2, 3 or 4 pm Pacific Time and each event will last approximately hour.

We will have approximately 20 live meetups over the course of the year, with June, July, August, and December having fewer.

Yes, I plan to try to get in tie for Q&A each session. However, if you have pressing things to discuss, you should look into a private Introductory session with me or join my monthly Diamond Mastermind—which includes an hour-long session with me every month.

Everyone still has the option to buy courses one at a time. When you do (and if you’ve already purchased courses), these are yours to keep forever. You get to download the Flowdreams and worksheets. Your access to the course is never rescinded. Think of it as the difference between buying a movie and renting it.

The beauty of “renting” is that each month, you get access to over $4000 worth of courses for only $97.

MoneyFlow, as well as M.E. School, are the only courses still sold separately. They are not included in The Flowdreaming Mastermind.

For a limited time, I’m offering one-time-only introductory sessions. This is a chance for me to look into you, your life, your energy, and your Flow. 

You are absolutely welcome to join the Flowdreaming Mastermind AND book a one-time session with me.

I understand! Life can get in the way. You’ll be able to listen on-demand  to any of the live sessions that happen each month, even if you missed them live.

Each month, the previous month’s live sessions will be replaced with the newest sessions so there will always be a a fresh batch to enjoy.