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Share your love of Flowdreaming with friends and family. Purchase this gift card in any amount from $9.99 to $200 (recipient can purchase in their own currency, too!) and let someone you love fill up on good feelings.

  • Parents get them for their children.
  • Spouses surprise each other with them.
  • Friends get them as gifts for each other.
  • Therapists, energy workers, counselors, and coaches get them for their clients.

If someone you know needs healing or a lift in life, or is a fan of meditation, there's no better gift than one they can use over and over again.

When purchasing, select the amount, then choose the theme (General, Birthday, Anniversary, Thinking of You, Miss You! etc).

Type your note and preview. Your card will be emailed to your recipient after purchase (or, select the day to email!)