Well friends, I've finally done it: An affordable monthly membership that's packed with masterclasses, live flowdreaming, and beautiful new recordings to keep you consistently aligned to prosperity, harmony and flow.

$97 US/MO.

Each month, you'll receive:

  • 1 on-demand Mastercourse including 1-5 classes on a variety of subjects, from Flowdreaming, to manifesting, to empathic development and more
  • 1 or more complementary Flowdreams to practice with all month
  • 1 set of Masterclass worksheets and prompts for deeper learning
  • 1 live zoom hangout with Summer to Flowdream live together and share thoughts


$127 US/MO.

Each month, you'll receive:

  • 1 on-demand Masterclass on a variety of subjects, from Flowdreaming, to manifesting, to empathic development and more
  • 1 complementary Flowdream to practice with all month
  • 1 set of Masterclass worksheets and prompts for deeper learning
  • 1 live zoom hangout with Summer to Flowdream live together and share thoughts


Full-access to over 18 months of “Born to Make” business building materials to get your vision into the world and make it profitable.

Sample Masterclasses and Flowdreams that you could expect to receive in FLOW ON!

Flow On is both a beginner’s plunge into the cool world of Flow, as well as a perfect “continuation” model for past students who want to keep their feet in the game and their energy in their Flow.

2021 can be wonderfully fresh, directed, aligned, purposeful, connected and fulfilling.

However, to get there, you have to nourish and ground yourself with your energy, emotion and intentions. You can’t just wait for the “rebound” to happen to you. You have to pick up your magic wand and start sprinkling some stardust back into your life. 

Yes, a lot changed and was torn down in 2020. But whenever that happens, you can be SURE that new growth awaits. There’s no better time than now to commit to Flowdreaming and taking power back over yourself and your life.

Renew, refresh, and rebound with me 2021!


FLOW ON! ALL ACCESS gives you everything in the regular membership PLUS full immediate access to everything in Born to Make.

The “Makers Library” in Born to Make is overflowing with spirit-centered trainings that help you grow your business or Make—whatever that might be! I spent 18 months recording everything I know about building big, beautiful, heart-centered businesses, and dripped it out monthly to a group of manifesting superstars, helping them grow and flourish.

Born to Make is now closed to new members, but you can get the whole library of materials with your ALL ACCESS membership.

Dive into over 30 hours of video trainings, masterclasses and more. Subjects I’ve covered include:

  • how to easily find an audience of customers or clients who want what you offer
  • how to offer or pitch your product or service so it really connects with your potential customers
  • ways to pivot your Make and move swiftly and easily in a new direction
  • how to re-energize your creative self and be filled with new ideas and successful strategies
  • 127+ places to find people who want what you’re giving
  • how to use slow periods in your Make or life most effectively
  • how to know if your business idea is workable or not

And so much more!

Reorient Yourself

Reorient yourself and sweep out the emotional toxicity, fear, and uncertainty of 2020. Choose a new direction and run with it!

Practice Manifesting

Your future awaits. Stop allowing things to just happen, and instead fill yourself with powerful feelings of what you need and want—now.

Create Accountability

Your monthly materials and connection will keep your focused and aligned, even when life gets in the way.

Receive & Allow

Allow new opportunities, partnerships, and wellness to pour into your life. Practice self-care and receiving.

Recharge & Fill Up Again

Recharge your emotional batteries, which have been depleted by your recent worry and fear. Recharge your hope and faith in a bountiful future.

“How will FLOW ON! help me??”


The idea of FLOW ON! is to nurture your life and help you increase your reach, wealth, and full potential for self-expression.

In keeping with the feeling of this being an organic add-on to your life that gives you emotional nourishment and prompting, you’ll discover a rich series of classes and Flowdreams that will help you change and uplevel many different areas of your life:

  • health
  • friendships
  • self-care
  • work and wealth
  • partnerships
  • anxiety and stress-relief
  • just about anything!

Years ago, I had membership called the “Flowdream of the Month” Club, which gave members a new Flowdream release every month. FLOW ON! is similar, except it also includes a Masterclass, worksheets, and a live meet up to give you that extra support.

“Is this different from M.E. School?”


FLOW ON! isn’t “M.E. school Lite.” M.E. School is, and continues to be, the biggest and best manifesting and personal growth program I have ever made.

In M.E. School, you follow a roadmap that leads you through multiple teachings about your life, your personal power, and your relationship to the Universe. M.E. School walks you through deep inner growth and change with over a dozen on-demand classes, and 50+ exercises and Flowdreams to practice with.

FLOW ON!, on the other hand, is meant to be consumed at your own leisure.

Each month will surprise you with a fresh new Flowdream and Masterclass on all kinds of subjects. We’ll travel far and wide as we look at the mysteries of the Universe, what Flow really is, and how you can add new techniques into your daily life that help you uplevel in every area.

FLOW ON! is perfect for past M.E. School graduates as well as beginner Flowdreamers who want to go deeper.

“I don’t have time! Will I fall behind??”


This is where we do things very differently.

  • I am obsessed with creating more space in our lives.
  • I firmly believe that technology, groups, and programs should complement our existing lives, not throw us into the angst that we can’t fit it all in.
  • A big focus of FLOW ON! is helping you get rid of all the time-sucking stuff in your life. For your life to bloom, you need space, time, and focus. In FLOW ON!, you’ll actually declutter your life so you have room to make and follow your passions.

I know we’re all busy, so FLOW ON! will fit around your life instead of adding to the overload.

There’s no way to fall behind in FLOW ON!. You either enjoy the month’s material, catch up later, or pass on it. No big deal.

There is no opportunity to be behind or feel disappointed in yourself because there are no deadlines. There are just classes, Flowdreams, and experiences to taste or not taste.

FLOW ON! doesn’t create any pressure or stress in you. It’s more like a yummy treat you can enjoy or send back to the kitchen. But as long as you stick around, you’ll get some tasty offers and start stacking your pantry with all the ingredients you need for a productive, spirit-centered life.


“All Access” membership includes 18-months of materials previously only accessible to Born to Make members. If you are or were a Born to Make member and you want to keep your access to all your past Masterclasses, and training videos, then this is a no brainer. Read more about Born to Make here.

Yes! Periodically, we have open enrollment into the program. Look for the registration buttons…if they’re there, it’s open! If not, you gotta wait. Wah, don’t wait!

Yes, but I sure hope you won’t! You can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription from regular to All Access anytime.

Born to Make focused on what it takes to create a flow-centered, spirit centered business in your life.

FLOW ON! is much more broad, all we’ll look at all kinds of personal growth topics and ways to get clearer and more powerful in your life using ease and Flow.

You do not need to have any business focus to be part of FLOW ON!

M.E. School is totally separate from FLOW ON!. If you have been in M.E. School before, you’ll love this continuation of ideas and teachings. If you enjoyed more than one year in M.E. School, you may seem some older topics rediscovered or reimagined here, in FLOW ON!.

M.E. School will be available in a new format in late Spring, 2021.

All masterclasses are on demand. However, once a month we’ll get together on Zoom to Flowdream live and just chat and share. The dates and times will vary. This is not the same as a M.E. School live class as there won’t be live teaching, but there will be live Flowdreaming!

You’ll be able to listen to you monthly Flowdream either through the Flowdreaming mobile app on your phone or by downloading it to your computer. You can listen to your On Demand Masterclasses on your mobile device or desktop. Class worksheets are offered as PDFs to download and print.

Please click on “Leave a Message” located at the lower right of your screen. This creates a support ticket and we’ll answer anything you wish to know!

Meet Summer McStravick.

Summer McStravick created Flowdreaming and M.E. School as ways to share a powerful technique and philosophy with the world. Being in Flow is being without any lack, and scarcity, and any resistance. And this state is both reachable and tremendously powerful.

As a Hay House and Mind Valley published author, Summer has written both “Flowdreaming” and “Creative Flowdreaming,” and her collection of over 190 recorded Flowdreams and courses can be found on her website at www.flowdreaming.com. She’s also been podcasting her ever-popular show, “Flowdreaming,” since 2005.

She’s also known for her extraordinary background as having been hand-selected to work inside Hay House for Louise Hay and Reid Tracy for a decade, where she had the opportunity to dream-up and build Hay House Radio to what it is today. There, she produced major online seminars, CDs, and radio programs for people like Esther and Jerry Hicks (with Abraham), Suze Orman, Dr. Christianne Northrup, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue and many other luminaries in the fields of self-help and spirituality.

It was while at Hay House Radio that Summer began to share her previously private practice for manifesting, which turned into Flowdreaming®. Recommended by Dr. Wayne Dyer (Summer’s weekly radio show cohost), public demand for Flowdreaming exploded, so Summer began her life-changing journey teaching Flowdreaming to thousands. Then at age 43, Summer was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and her journey deepened into one of intense healing and teaching. She remains free of breast cancer today.

Summer continues to teach in person in her flagship program, M.E. School, which has become one of the most highly recommended coaching programs in the world. For the last ten years, her students have come from all over the world to learn the techniques and mind-set she shares in M.E. School.

Summer lives in sunny Southern California in a beachy coastal town with her husband, two teenage children and three kitties. When she’s not working away in her home office, you can find her in her planting vegetables in her garden or tending her koi ponds.