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    The Prosperity Challenge: A 14-Day Program for Manifesting - DOWNLOADABLE SET

    The Prosperity Challenge in an intense two-week program that teaches you to manifest prosperity and reprogram your thinking about wealth. The set includes a PDF book and eight tracks that will allow you to manifest financial security and income.

    Price: $59.95

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  • Rich, Secure & Debt-Free Playlist 800 px

    Rich, Secure & Debt-Free Playlist

    Clear away debt as you manifest the very best opportunities for creating money and freeing yourself from the past. Become rich, secure and debt-free with the help of Flow.
  • My Hugely Successful Business Playlist 800 px jpg

    My Hugely Successful Business Playlist

    Get universal help as you start or grow your hugely successful business! Use this playlist to attract clients and customers and feel the resources and money you need pour in.
  • Lucrative, Fulfilling Career Playlist 800 px

    Lucrative, Fulfilling Career Playlist

    Time for some career growth or change? Manifest a perfect new job or field of work or get unstuck from any career that no longer suits you. These three Flowdreams to attract an awesome new career, find your dream job or get that raise or promotion you deserve!
  • Focused Flow & Peak Performance Playlist

    Focused Flow & Peak Performance Playlist

    Get deep into the groove of flawless focus and easy retention. Perform any skill at your highest level. Pass exams, absorb material, or develop and nourish a talent easily and effortlessly.
  • Creatively Fired Up & Finishing Projects 800 px

    Creatively Fired Up & Finishing Projects Playlist

    This three Flowdream playlist will help restore your creativity and not only lead to you to succeed but also to thrive, no matter which form your endeavors take!
  • Totally Debt-Free 800 jpg

    Totally Debt-Free

    If you feel pressure and despair over a mountain of debt, this Flowdream works to help you refocus your thoughts into a strong understanding that new ways to release your debt are appearing. Turn your money energy from negative to positive and start fresh.

  • More Money Monthly 800

    More Money Monthly

    This Flowdream gives you the feeling of having your income increase in a stable, consistent way while opening you up to new sources of incomes. You will see money as a friend and ally that is there for you when you need it more and more.
  • My Dream Job 800 px

    My Dream Job

    Use this Flowdream if you want to find a new and better job or change careers. Practice infusing your Flow with all the characteristics of your dream job to give it the direction it needs to place it in front of you.
  • Wealth and Abundance 800

    Wealth and Abundance

    In this Flowdream you will change your relationship with money and become an attracting beacon for wealth. Feel financially secure and manifest new, lucrative streams of income.
  • Tons of Clients, Customers, or Sales 800

    Tons of Clients, Customers, or Sales

    This Flowdream brings you tons of happy customers and clients, who love you and what you offer and turn your business into a thriving enterprise. You will release fear of rejection and know that anyone who comes your way is there to better your business.
  • Enough Time for Everything 800 px

    Enough Time for Everything

    This Flowdream is your ultimate time management tool! Have enough time for everything. Stop feeling stressed, pressured, and behind. Use pre-action to emotionally encode your Flow with a directive to create both stress-free balance and red-hot efficiency in your life.
  • Raises, Promotions, and Recognition 800

    Raises, Promotions, and Recognition

    If you desire a raise, promotion, or recognition, this Flowdream is for you! If you’ve been passed over, or want to be recognized or move up, use this to summon the energy of being valued and rewarded financially or professionally.
  • Attract New Creative Opportunities 800 px

    Attract New Creative Opportunities

    Are you looking to expand your creative career? This Flowdream will bring you the network of support you need so that you can gain exposure and achieve the level success you have dreamed of.
  • Enhance Your Creativity and Move Past Creative Blocks 800 px

    Enhance Your Creativity and Move Past Creative Blocks

    This is the perfect Flowdream for anyone who feels stuck in a creative project or career. Feel refreshed with loads of new ideas and be motivated to take action!
  • Turn Projects 800 jpg

    Turn Projects Into Successes

    Turn your business, art, book or any project into a booming success! Use this Flowdream to get your business or creativity out there and find tons of people who are looking for exactly what it is you’ve created.
  • Attract an Awesome New Career, or Transforming Your Current Job

    Attract an Awesome New Career, or Transform Your Current Job

    This powerful Flowdream can help bring a new job into your life or transform your current job if you have become stuck or are otherwise unhappy. Your energies will be adjusted, opening you to the perfect job for where you are right now.
  • Talented and Successful 800

    Talented and Successful: Peak Performance

    Use this Flowdream to unleash the full potential of any skill, talent or ability. Feel in Flow with your activity, whether it’s studying, sports, art or any professional activity.
  • Focus, Absorb, and Flow 800 px

    Focus, Absorb, and Flow

    Learn material fast and be able to express it exactly when you need it! Use this Flowdream to study for an exam, get good grades, learn a new skill, or experience total mastery in an existing skill, talent or sport.
  • Start or Grow My Hugely Successful Business 800

    Start or Grow My Hugely Successful Business

    Whether you are starting a business or want to grow your current one, this Flowdream will guide your Flow to constantly bring you the resources you need when you need them. Feel abundance and love for your business.

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