Limitless: Be Seen & Breakthrough Playlist

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The ultimate playlist for being seen, getting the word out about your skills, products or services, and feeling delightfully confident. Let your light shine and let the world see who you are. Use these four Flowdreams to set the tone for more exposure as you break through limitations and start nurturing and trusting your dreams. Stop feeling small or unseen. It’s time you show up and SHINE!


TRACK 1: Be Seen (13 min)

When used regularly, Be Seen helps you step out front, own your work and your power, and let the world know you're ready to share your gift with it. You're ready to move from amateur to professional. You're ready to be seen.

This Flowdream releases you from negative feelings and put you squarely into your strength and power. YOU ARE WANTED. Your gifts are wanted. You ARE good enough. You aren't an amateur, and you aren't faking it. Thousands of people will flock to you, be moved by you, and see your genuine value.  It's time to BE SEEN.

Use this Flowdream to:

 get sweet contracts or fat jobs
 be chosen above everyone else
 be noticed by the right people or companies
 show up like those professionals you admire
 never feel the need to compare yourself to others in your field
 have the courage to leap into your next level of success 


TRACK 2: Enormous Audience (14 min)

Where are your clients and customers? How do you find people who want what you offer? Do you ever feel like if only more people could find you or learn about you, then everything would finally come together? Enormous Audience helps you let go of any Lack thoughts around not having enough people know about you. It helps you regenerate your energy and Flow so you shine, are seen and found, and nothing can stop your fans, clients, and customers from loving you up.

Use this Flowdream to:

 see and sense all of your customers flocking to you, from dozens to thousands
 gather an insanely loyal tribe or enthusiastic clientele
 create an aura of excitement around your brand or company
*This track was originally gifted to Born to Make subscribers. Check your library to see if you have it already!


TRACK 3: Remove Limitations and Wake Up Your Imagination (9 min)

Go on a journey to a magical forest, where the trees delight in offering you unexpected ideas and experiences. This playful Flowdream encourages you to dream beyond your normal range and shift into feelings of excited possibility. Let your creative, unlimited inner dreamer out and see what appears! 

Use this Flowdream to:

 break through your limited thinking around what you are capable of
 be filled with inspired, on-point ideas that can move you and your work into the spotlight
 allow in the easiest, more fruitful directions while getting rid of ones that won’t go anywhere


TRACK 4: Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream (10 min)

Ah, how can you commit to being seen and growing your work or passionate vision if a secret small part of you doesn’t think it’ll ever actually happen? Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream helps you believe you in your dream so firmly and with such gusto that the Universe pricks up its ears to listen. You are able to make or grow whatever it is you’re trying to do. 

Use this Flowdream to:

 know that nothing can stop you from going big with your dream
 create rampant, absolute trust that you have all it takes to grow bigger and go bigger
 let the full extent of your mission reveal itself to you
Each of these Flowdreams can also be purchased separate, but for the best effects, we urge you to get the set. Go to Be Seen, Enormous AudienceRemove Limitations and Wake Up Your Imagination or  Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream.

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Be Seen - 13:04

Enormous Audience - 14:09

Remove Limitations and Wake Up Your Imagination - 9:06

Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream - 10:05

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Enormous Audience
Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream
Remove Limitations & Wake Up Your Imagination
Be Seen