STARTS SEPT. 10, 2023


Hi, I’m Summer McStravick, and I built M.E. School to be the most powerful, life-changing personal growth course you’ve ever experienced.

To enroll or just see if M.E. School is a fit,
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You’ve reached a point in your life where you feel like there’s huge success ahead of you, but you feel unsure how to reach it. If you could only get past your own limited thinking, you could do wonders.

You feel like no matter how many webinars you attend, books your read, or courses or coaching you taken or had, you still don’t see the effects of it all. Why is nothing working?! You’re ready for clear, precise, actionable direction and support from a trusted source that will lead you somewhere real.

You’ve had enough of “feast or famine finances,” financial insecurity, and worrying about your future. You know other people have solved this. What’s the trick?

You’ve been through some tough stuff. Maybe you recently changed jobs, left a partnership, moved far away, or found yourself in an empty nest. Now you’re ready to consciously create a life and thoughtfully, consciously, build a life of ease, flow, and abundance in all areas.

You know that your outer life only grows as big as your inner self. To GO BIG, you need to GROW BIG. You’re ready for a practice that you can do every day that truly works and you have your eye on an area of your life you that you want to massively uplevel.

You’re a little bit woo-woo and you want to start really hearing and integrating what you “know” into what you do. You’re ready to trust yourself. You’re ready to hear more guidance.


M.E. School is a program to make your life ROCK. I myself have gone through everything in this program.

I make a multiple six-figure income today, working from home, in a completely self-created career that is beyond amazing! I also have a great husband and two wonderful kids. And, I live in one of the best places on earth… sunny Southern California.

It wasn’t always like this.

Years ago, I used to leave for a job at 6:30 am every morning, and come home at 6, leaving my toddler and newborn baby with a sitter all day long. I was there for breakfast and bedtime… missing everything in between. And the money? Not as great as people thought. I’d bought in to what I’d been told, and was afraid to go where I needed to go. Then I woke up. I realized that I already had the tools I needed to live a different life… I just had to get over my fears and start using them.

I know how to use Flow to manifest. It’s not Law of Attraction… it’s MORE. I also use my empathic (emotion-based) intuition to know exactly what’s going on around me, so my decisions are almost always spot-on. The two, in tandem, are an unstoppable co-creation combination. They can be yours, too.

Add those to the dozens of other techniques and ways of thinking you’ll be introduced to in M.E. School, and you can see why M.E. School students often stay in the program for years: it’s because M.E. School WORKS.

It makes me cry to think of everyone out there who feels blocked from the future they want, resigned to crummy circumstances, boxed in by a so-so job, having settled with a “whatever” relationship (if any), and generally just getting through.

This is one student’s ME School Journal. Pretty amazing stuff!

Fun things M.E Schoolers have received as part of their course supplies.

Forget that. Believe in your magic. Your Flow is your magic. Your intuition is your magic. Your mindset is your magic.

You came here gifted with all of them. Don’t be afraid to use them. In M.E. School, I’m going to open up your magic and show you the exact steps I used to turn things around. You’ll replicate my Flowdreams, my techniques, and all the rest!

Hundreds of people have graduated from M.E. School, and most say it’s one of the best decisions they’ve made in their lives. Our students have learned incredibly potent ways to interact with others, their loves, themselves, and their souls. They’ve participated in breath work, Flow, movement and yoga, sound healing, heart releasing, and dozens of other hands-on techniques both online and at our retreats.

Come join  M.E. School  with us. The clock is ticking and your year is slipping by. Make your move now.

I’d love to talk with you about M.E. School. Book a short call with me now.

With love and Flow,

M.E. School is a 12-week program that includes weekly live Flowdreaming with me, weekly live classes, dozens of recorded masterclasses, and tons of other support materials.

It is NOT an overpriced “infoproduct” or online course. It’s something much better. It’s a hands-on, live group experience with me that contains a combination of powerful tools and classes to help you go big in your life.

I’ve carefully chosen each subject you’ll explore in M.E. School to pry open your mastery and vision. M.E School is the catalyst to help you own your future and dance to your own tune. It’s your stepping stone to wealth, happiness, healing, intimacy, and much more. Every segment explores a fundamental piece of this process.

Get ready to experience your own inner awakening and empowerment.

We define your M.E. School experience with an internal and an external goal so that you have two brilliant areas to play in. Your choice, your pick.

Maybe your internal goal will be to release something hurtful from your past once and for all so you can renew yourself and get on with your life.

Or maybe you need to get past all your fear and sense of not being good enough or of being “too late in the game,” so you can make those big changes you’ve been longing for.

It can be anything. Make building or changing this one inner characteristic a goal you set for yourself

Then, look outward. Is it time to build wealth and complete financial security in your life and get rid of anything holding you back from it? Or is it time to get your new career off the ground? How about love – will this be when you fall deeply in love, and this time it’s truly lasting love?

I will give you the emotional and energetic tools to totally remodel and reshape your life, from your inner being outward.

You don’t just learn stuff: you do stuff, with Flow as your partner.

Scroll through the highlights of the segments below and note that while many segments seem “inner focused,” we make a point to make every segment be practical and applicable in your life. You won’t just “learn more stuff.” You’ll do more and become more in your physical, daily life.

M.E. School gets insane results!

It just works.

“I got a new higher paid job within 6 weeks of starting M.E. School!”

Until a few months ago I easily gave up on my dreams, because they didn’t seem realistic at that time. Since M.E. School, my Flow proved my negative expectations wrong so many times. After being stuck in my old job for 4 years, within just six weeks of M.E. School, I got a better paying job, with less stress and more holidays. Wow. Whenever I have a problem, I can reach out to our coaches and my classmates. It’s like a big family. M.E. School is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. – JENNY WITT

“No more panic attacks & I travelled for the first time in years!”

I started M.E. School while battling with anxiety and depression for 10+ years, to the point of not being able to leave my house for weeks on end. I tried so many avenues to relieve these symptoms: medication, therapy, meditation, just to name a few. By working with Flow, my anxiety has subsided greatly. I can’t even remember the last time I had a panic attack! After 8 months, I was able to travel cross-country twice! M.E. School has dramatically changed my life. The content in this program is priceless and beyond highly recommended. – CINDY McCARTY

“New $3k per month income stream results from Flowdreaming.”

My finances were in such a bad state that I didn’t even know if I would be able to handle M.E. School when I joined. But within just a few months of joining, my normal monthly bills were miraculously reduced just enough to cover M.E. School.

Plus, I often thought about how if I only had an extra $3,000 a month, then I’d no longer worry about my monthly bills and have money left over to breathe ”¦ and put into savings! WELL IT HAPPENED!! Two new income streams, in the amount of … wait for it … $3,000 a month! And I have you, M.E. School, and Flowdreaming to thank for it! – DEBRA TREANOR

“My dream job in just 8 months”

It took 8 months of focus, but it happened! I manifested the perfect dream job. I’ve been offered a great position with a highly admired company, and the people I’ll be working with are great. I’m being paid 50% more than my last job. I work from home, and only travel 20% of the time, which is incredibly light for the industry I work in. Best of all: it’s a better, higher position. Thank you Flow. Thank you Summer and all the coaches. And thank you to all my fellow M.E. Schoolers. Could not have done it without you all. – YOGESH NAIK

“My sales rose 55% after starting M.E. School.”

Since starting M.E. School and learning to Flow, my sales for the third quarter increased about 55%. I believe this is the best third quarter in 20 years of business! I still have to pinch myself to remind me this is reality. – SCOTT INDERMAUR


“Got engaged, received 150k in grants, and received two tenure track positions at the same university”

Because of Flowdreaming and M.E. School, in less than 6 months, my fiance and I received offers for tenure track positions at the same university. Then, even hough I’m a medical statistician, I didn’t think I could even apply for a grant for over $50K, but within months, one of the NIH grants I applied for funded me $150k! I also took my relationship to the next level by getting engaged. Then I paid off my hospital bills and most of my credit card bills. I’m now physically much stronger and feeling super sexy…My self-worth and deserving has increased dramatically. Because of Flowdreaming and M.E. School, I’ve successfully crossed many huge ceilings that I didn’t think I could cross. Flowdreaming really works!! – CARMEN TEKWE

“I found my soul mate this year because of M.E. School!”

When I started M.E. School, I knew I wanted partnership. Problem was…I didn’t know how. I’ve done a ton of self help and spiritual books. Nothing has ever come close to what I have learned from M.E. School and Flowdreaming. After one year, not only have I attracted partnership – I’ve met the love of my life. M.E. School has exceeded my initial expectations by tenfold. I am so excited for the future and the person I am creating. Me! The real me! – HEATHER SMITH

“Within 60 days of starting M.E. School, I was empowered enough to bring in 13k in 8 days in my business!”

Within 60 days of ME School, I brought in six times more revenue into my business and had a five-figure month. This continues. I’ve made $13,000 in cash in just 8 days this month. These are huge changes in how much money and abundance I was attracting previously. Thank you! – WENDY COLLIER


Of course! Open the tabs below to get a snapshot of what we do each segment. Note that while many segments seem focused on inner development (and maybe some of them seem like work you’ve done before) I can assure you that we’ll do them differently. None of our material is taken from anyone else’s – it’s a whole new realm of beautiful, catalytic processes to help you grow past your inner limits, co-create, go bigger, and even tap into your empathic self.

Advanced learners consistently find new “ah-ha’s!” Beginners are introduced to a way of living that will change everything they know. Most of all, all the things you learn have a hands-on, physical component to translate your learning into real actionable results.

Discover what amazing power you have. You are a creator, born into a world where you are served up with 1,440 minutes each day to make into something wondrous. We review your gifts, goals, and everything that makes you happy so you can implant it into your year ahead. You’ll finish this month seeing yourself and your life with more clarity than ever before. You know why and how you got to where you’re at, and how to change it.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Vision and Purpose

How do you talk to life so it really hears you? You learn to communicate with Flow, Source, or the Universe so that you know your desires are both heard and acted on. You are the CEO of your life, the Flow is your co-creator. Explore pre-action as you take control of your destiny. Your emotions are your friends, not your enemies.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Emotional Riches

Discover what amazing power you have.  We review your gifts, goals, and everything that makes you happy so you can implant it into your year ahead. Action, action! M.E. School isn’t just mindset or inner growth. You’re surrounded by do-ers, and you become a do-er too this month as you get more accomplished in this one month than you have all year.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Inspired Action

What if you could wake up tomorrow as your most powerful self? No doubts, no second thoughts, no fears and no lack-thinking ever again? What if your blocks are revealed and your dead-end paths are released, never to trouble you any more? Find your power and vision as you let go of anything that has ever hurt you or held you down.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Empowered Authenticity

Permission granted. You are officially allowed to heal, release, and finally say “I’ll never rehash that again.” Your heart needs to grieve and let go. You can’t move into your future while you drag all that stuff from your past. Flow frees you, and you find just how light and fast you become.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Easily Release Anything (+ Beyond Fear BONUS)

You first. Yeah, you. I know, you’re used to everyone and everything else ahead of you, all the time. But now you know why it’s so crucial for you to shine and shimmer. You are perfect, you are just right, you are exactly where you need to be (and you always have been). Discover this now.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Unshakeable Self-Love & Self-Trust

How long have you been the odd man out? Not seen, admired, or loved? Now, you get to be the person who’s adored, wanted, and admired. The first pick, not the last. We look at trust, expectation, and allowing as some of the most powerful tools in your life.

Your Flowdream this segment is: The Universe is My Suitor

Hard work = payoff. Fairness = payoff. Or . . . not. You deconstruct ideas about life being fair, and how you need to struggle to grow, and how everything needs to be hard. Feel any triggers already? Good. It means it’s more than ever time to let go of your need to be hurt to grow. By segment’s end, you’ll have sketched a gorgeous ease-filled future for yourself and fully communicated it to Flow.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Future Flow

You’ve always known-you’ve always had a feeling. Yes, you. Your feelings are right. You’re empathic, and intuitive. You were born with those abilities. Now, embrace them. See how they guide you and help you every single day. You practice multiple techniques to open and expand your empathic intuition in all kinds of useful situations.

Your Flowdreams this segment are: Awaken Your Empathic Intuition, Residue Release/Scrubbing the Lens, and the Sunburst exercise


Influence people. Read your future. Know your best choices. You learn how to use Flow energy to not just manifest for yourself, but for knowing stuff too. Techniques, practices routines. . .it’s all here.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Pre-paving Conversations

A quick dip into Divine Timing. Are you in frustration, or are you in flow? Are you with Source, or judging it? More power leaks are exposed, more freedom is gained. A favorite month for many.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Let Go And Flow

Review, solidify, and ground. M.E School is about implementation. Look at what you did this year. Look at the marvelous changes. Look at your new power. See your new direction. You are on it, swift and comfortable.

Your Flowdream this segment is: Desires Become Real

“Real manifestation happens!”

“I’ve been with Summer a long time!” (‘Cause it works!)

“Wow! I feel overall fulfillment … I get to choose how I want to feel.”

“This gets me on such an emotional level. She’s the modern Eckhart Tolle”

“It’s been a great community. We’re all so like minded.”

“Summer has changed my life. She’s exactly the same in person as on her podcast.”


M.E. School 2023 begins on September 10, 2023 and ends on November 29, 2023. It only enrolls once a year. I highly encourage you to not put it off. FACT: People who get excited, then “wait til a better time” to join, almost never join. When you wait months or even years, what usually happens is that M.E. School has shown up at the right time for you (no matter what your circumstances) but you’ve rejected the opportunity due to a limiting belief in your own mind. Those limiting beliefs generally don’t go away on their own, so most people never make it through them and into M.E. School.

Strike while the iron is hot, the energy is ripe, and you’ve already faced down half your fears and objections. M.E. Schoolers thrive on facing fears and objections and burning past them in every area of their lives as they hurtle toward gorgeous outcomes. Your very first step in doing this is to join.

Enroll by setting up a call with me. After all, we’ll be working together for three months or more, so start now! Use the form on this page to set up your time to talk to me. There’s no online enrollment form. You have to call. This is how we establish that M.E. School will work for you.


Not long ago, I polled my Facebook groups on the state of the online personal growth and coaching world. I asked, “What is the biggest problem out there with coaching right now?”

The answer, hands down, was “Too little value for the money.” 

Not, “Too costly, too much money, but literally too little value for what you get.” Meaning, people still think some things are worth paying for, but too many programs are slapped together, deliver very little, are run by unskilled or brand-new leaders, and are ridiculously overpriced.

Want to know why?

A huge part of the coaching world relies on two very expensive tactics to enroll clients: 1) Facebook ads, and 2) affiliate splits. Both are very, very effective at reaching new people with their messages. But it adds from 40-50% to the cost of your program. And new coaches need to make their time worthwhile since they start with very few clients. The result? Fewer clients/higher prices.

That’s a lot. You’re paying for your teacher to reach you or to train themselves, not for the value of the teachings you receive.

By saying this, I’ve probably alienated half my peers. I’m sorry, guys. But it’s true.

After hanging out in the personal growth communities for decades and dabbling with both ads and affiliates, I know today that those tactics aren’t my thing. And if I do do them, they aren’t going to add 50% to the cost of your program. Instead, I’ve made it my goal to over-deliver. And, to find you organically if possible. Through word-of-mouth if possible. Through that friend-who-went-through-M.E.School. And I’m not a new coach or teacher. I’m highly skilled, so your time here is worth more.

I charge a fair price, then I over-deliver. Most of my M.E Schoolers moan that they haven’t even gotten through all I give them at the end of 12 units. But know what? I’d rather have that than have them disappointed and overcharged. So here is ALL that you get in M.E. School.

(If you want hours of personal 1:1 time, you can have that too, but that’s called my Diamond program.)

Now go ask your other potential coaches or programs how they compare:


M.E. School is defined by monthly segments that build on one another. I’ve carefully chosen each subject to pry you open to your own mastery and vision. M.E School is the catalyst to help you own your future and dance to your own tune. It’s your stepping stone to wealth, intuition, happiness, healing, intimacy, and much more. Every month explores a fundamental piece of this process.



Every week, you’ll get on a live video call to Flowdream with me and the other students. You’ll dip your mind into this rich, immersive experience and this is where the “big power” is at. I record these channeled Flowdreams and put them on the student site for you to listen to again and again.

Plus, every pre-recorded class gives you new Flowdreams too that move you through the teachings.

Live classes last about 60 minutes and are generally held on alternating Wednesdays at 4:30 pm PST / 7:30 pm EST.



I give you 12 to 18 super high-quality Flowdreams to keep forever. These are exclusively for M.E. School students and unavailable for purchase by the public. Your Flowdreams will grow new characteristics in you, such as fearless power or deep trust. They will also help release you from past traumas and help heal you as you move into your true calling.



Dial your mind into shape with our Master Classes. These recorded classes include a ton of techniques, exercises, and information to help you grow. There are more than 36 classes in all! Each segment opens three new ones for you to listen to on-demand, anytime you need them. Most classes include one or more Flowdreams, and multiple exercises.



You’ll create your own accountability and grow friendships in your M.E. School Facebook group.



Plus, enjoy a Students Only website where all your materials are kept indefinitely.


Receive 200 worksheets, processes, and specialized verbal or Facebook “homework” assignments specific to each month’s subject area. Enjoy the relaxed pace of “funsheets-only-as-you-need-them.” We’ll be asking you to try things, feel things, and do things. Change only ‘sticks” when practiced in real ways in your life.



We don’t like “all virtual” any more than you do. It’s too easy to check-out that way. That’s why you can expect a welcome package with inspirational goodies in your snail-mailbox* that includes your M.E. School binder and course book. (*U.S. Students only.)



In past years, we’ve held live, in-person retreats to dive into your teachings ever deeper. More personal insights, more connection, more accountability and more growth! If we schedule one for 2022 or 2023, you’ll be invited! Our mastermind will feel like a weekend spa for your mind and emotions.

That’s all of it. Are you ready? Come join us!


M.E. School is a 12-week program. You’ll have time to absorb each lesson, then practice it. You’re going to love your upcoming “assignments” and look forward to them, since I built each one to make you more intuitive, more spectacular, and more like the YOU that you want it to be. My students are truly sad when M.E. School ends, and in fact most students continue on into a secondary program.


Our classes are quite intimate. You’ll be on video calls with, generally, 10-20 other students. If you don’t want to be on video, no problem. You can be a “fly on the wall” and listen in on the phone. It’s totally up to you-whatever your comfort zone is. In our totally private Facebook group, you’ll meet even more students, which is great for a diversity of learning. M.E. School is NOT a huge, sprawling, low-touch, no personal interaction kind of program. You and I will get to know each other and talk through the year.


We’ll go over all costs on the phone with you during your Clarity call. But, note that you have the option to pay all at once and save some money, or pay monthly for the program.  Remember, this is three months of hands-on teaching and life-reshaping. It’s live, interactive, and is meant to massively uplevel you. Book a time for your free Clarity Call using the scheduler on this page, and we can figure out how to make the cost work for you!

When you set up a time to talk by phone, I make sure that it’s going to be a valuable half-hour for you, whether or not you join M.E. School.

You can ask me any questions you have about M.E. School. I’ll also ask you a few questions to see if M.E. School is a right fit in your life. And yes, you will talk to me personally.

I’m looking for students I know I can truly help. If I feel I can’t help you, I’ll be honest.

Use the form on this page to set up a time now.

M.E. School is one of the most comprehensive online personal growth programs out there. You’ll get both pre-recorded classes and Flowdreams as well as live Q&A video sessions with me that you access either through your computer or phone.

This is a high-touch, hands-on program that combines the best of live and on-demand content.

Yes, 100%. Our students are from all over the world. Of course, most are U.S.-based, but we usually have a good number of students from Australia, Europe and Canada too. I position the live calls to split the difference between the hemispheres, so they will be early morning for Aussies and late evening for Europeans. Our live calls are always recorded, so you can listen in as soon as you wake up or later in your day and still be right on schedule with the rest of the class. And, if you have a question but can’t be at the live class, you can email it and I’ll answer it during the live class that you’ll listen to later. We make it work.

Altogether, I’ve taught students from:

  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • U.K.
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Portugal
  • and more

Our  A-Freakin’-Mazing Guarantee

We believe so strongly in our program that we offer a risk-free withdrawal policy.

If you decide that you dislike the program, you can leave without penalty within the first week of enrollment. If your classes begin on September 21, for example, then your last day to withdraw without penalty would be September 27.

That’s enough time to try the program, jump off your Fear Cliff, and open up to your new world.

You’re still responsible for your non-refundable registration fee (if any), and 1/12th of the course cost, which we regret we can’t refund. However, you can walk away from your remaining payments should you need to, if you notify us in writing before the end of your first 7 days.

After the first week, we tighten up. This is where we hold you accountable, and your commitment matches our own in terms of what we budget for staffing and for training you through the whole program.

In all fairness, most of you know me as a teacher pretty well. If you’ve listened to my podcasts or followed my blog or newsletter, you know that I’m very transparent. I offer a lot. I don’t hold back, and I believe in you.

Now, it’s your turn to believe in us, and believe in yourself.

M.E. School will surprise you with how it unlocks your secrets, heals your fears, stops any and all lack thinking, and overall allows you to remodel your core self in amazing ways, from the ground up.

You won’t be the same.

So are you ready? Let’s grow!

Many of you come into the program with fear about the cost, and many more don’t ever join or even call me for a free strategy session because of that.

And you won’t ever get the kind of rich, life affirming support you need because your money-fear will hold you in place your whole life.

I know, because I’ve been there. The first time I joined a monthly program with a mentor, I had my own small freak out. I second-guessed if the teacher was good enough. I second-guessed if I was paying too much. I second-guessed everything.

And then my coaching became the best thing I ever did. Finally, I had someone who was “watching my back” and guiding me. I had someone (not a family member) to bounce my growth ideas off of. And, I trusted them since I knew they had the knowledge I’d been seeking.

I give you this same experience. You have a program with structure that you can rely on to get dependable results. And the money you spend? Well, in my case, I changed SO MUCH that it was the best money I’ve EVER spent.

Most lasting, with the tools I have now, is that I’m free to join any program and chase after ANY dream. I know how to manifest money and income, and so much more. You can learn this too, in M.E. School.

As for the time issue, of course I know you already have a very busy life. M.E. School is designed in every way to complement that life. There’s not one of you whom I’ll allow to say, “I’m too busy to be committed to this now, so I can’t do it.”

If you’re super busy, then you REALLY need this program. It’s going to get you back in balanced alignment, pronto.

On the other hand, if you aren’t busy enough, you’re finally going to open doors that you’ve been waiting years to find.

You can use Flowdreaming to both open up your time AND break through your money barriers to live a rich, abundance-filled life. Or, you can stay small and NOT learn what you need to grow.

I’ve had a number of you make one of your goals of your program be “to learn how to create and call in money, so I can pay off this program either during or within a few months of completing it.” And, you do.

If you let money or time issues stop you now, you’re probably going to let money or your lack of time stop you again.

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle, because these are what you use to justify your current life. I teach Flowdreaming as a way to BREAK this cycle.

If you’ve been living in “denial” mode, always telling yourself what you CAN’T have, then you’ve been living in LACK. And that’s not going to change until you get the tools to deal with it: like M.E. School.

I would love to work with you personally! I have several options for 1:1 private sessions with me. Just ask. “Diamond Coaching” is my highest level of guidance, where I custom tailor the program to you.

Diamond coaching sessions are mind-blowingly productive. If you want massive shifts, choose this option. If you want incredible insight into your life and what makes you tick, choose this option. If you want to discover what you’re truly capable of, this is your best way to do it. If you want to triple the effectiveness of M.E. School, choose this option.

As my past and current Diamonds can tell you, I look inside your Flow and can see exactly where you’ve been, where you are, and where you should go. Through my guidance, I help you implement your new knowledge with real actions and decisions, and provide you the structural and energetic support to stay on path. This option is for people who are truly ready to Go Big and who’ll act on the things I show them, knowing that the outcome is what they’ve been longing for.

Learn more my visiting my Coaching page.

There’s a reason why a huge percentage of my students continue working with me for months and years after their initial programs. The thing is, when you start experiencing results, it’s addictive.

My students find life partners and get married. They start new businesses. They move overseas. They sell houses, and buy homes. They get new, better jobs. They figure out why certain patterns repeat over and over in their lives. They see where they’ve been giving their power away, and how to get it back.

M.E. School creates more intensive personal growth than just about anything you’ve ever encountered.

Your results will be all over your life, and in unexpected (but perfect) ways. My goal is for you to walk away with a reliable method you can use over and over to create ANYTHING in your life, and to open your intuition so you never feel without direction.

Here are some of the things I think about whenever I choose my next workshop, coach, or program:

  • I know the teacher. I’ve listened to his or her teachings and know they speak my language, and get through to me.
  • The program stirs something in me that I’ve always felt I needed to expose or develop.
  • I get scared or uncomfortable thinking about it. It exposes my fears of spending money, not doing as well as other people in the program, etc. Fear is my helper because it shows me where I have stuff to work out.
  • I have a huge sense that this is a missing piece in my spiritual education.
  • I know that things come my way when I’m ready for them. I also know that because of my fear or what I call my “rational caution,” I let way more things slip past me than I should, so they come back over and over until I listen. I’ve lost years of development this way, so now I try to spontaneously say YES to more things.

The first thing that’ll happen is you’ll meet a group of amazing people who, like you, have decided that self-development is the engine that powers everything else in life: their careers, their relationships, everything. They know that when they acquire new tools (such as Flowdreaming, intuition, and more), their lives take off in splendidly unexpected ways. This is the new company you’ll be keeping.

And when you want to change, you’ve heard it before. . . you become like the people you hang out with.

The next thing that might happen is that you’ll become excited. No one has ever opened you up like this and asked you what you can really do, or become. And no one has ever given you the tools to actually do or become this person, like you’re getting now. You might feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Or, you might realize that you need to do some serious clean up work, and for the first time in forever, you’ll be able to heal, release, and renew yourself. You may fall in love with who you are, and who you’re becoming.

As an emerging empath, you’ll realize that for your whole life, you’ve been receiving information and just never known what to do with it. You may have doubted it, ignored it, or been confused by it. Maybe you gained weight, or second-guessed your instincts, or pushed back your gifts in other ways.

No more. You’re going to lovingly embrace your intuitive gifts and use them to guide you like never before. You will learn that YOU are intrinsically trustworthy, and you will discover what it’s like to feel that self-trust as a daily strength.

You’ll learn that every problem has its solution built in, and finally you’ll be able to see those solutions clear as day, and act on the right intuitive information in response.


In M.E. School, you’ll meet all kinds of fellow seekers. You’ll meet people with great, high-flying careers and incomes. You’ll meet people who are retired. You’ll meet people with working class job, making ends meet. People who are divorced. People who are married. People still in school, and some who teach in schools. Your M.E. School peers will be straight/sis, queer, transgender, or non-binary. They will be of every color, from every continent. Some are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sufi, Hindi, Buddhist, Catholic, agnostic, atheist, and much more.

We create a totally non-judgmental, safe space for everyone to open and grow. We seek to reflect the diversity in our world socio-economically, in family structure, race, ethnicity, learning abilities, gender, belief systems, and sexual orientation. Every person who comes to M.E. School is here for growth and up-leveling. Each has a unique identity and a singular experience deserving of respect.

It’s more personal qualities that unify our students more than anything: They’re all seeking passion, purpose and the next step in life. They each believe that what we are is what we manifest. They’re all eager to be handed tools that will fundamentally change the way they create their futures. If this is you, you are welcome into our home!

And last . . . “Why me, and M.E. School, and not that other coach or program over there….?”

I’ve been doing this work for 22 years. As the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter fives times over who’ve done this work, I guess you could say it’s in my genes. Only recently have people put labels on this like “personal coaching” or “empathic intuitive.”

I promise you, there are very few “mystery schools” run by real leaders and seers. There are a LOT of entry level programs that don’t take you very far. That’s why I offer you, freely, over 680 hours of my teachings through my podcasts, so you can tell exactly what kinds of ideas we pursue. And that’s why you can look at people who’ve employed me and mentored me and see where I honed by craft. I don’t want you having any doubts coming in. I want you EXCITED as all heck.

Real change and growth takes time. It takes a strong, thoughtful, compassionate teacher. It can’t be something that’s done in just a weekend. You have to really be ready to learn some new stuff, and to open to new and different ways of encountering life. At a certain point, some of us reach a deep yearning inside to do better, to do more, to let go of fear, lack, and worry, and see if we can get something different out of life. We don’t like what life and our upbringings conditioned us to be. We know we’re more stellar than that. That’s what led to you to me, to this page, or the podcast.

Meet Summer McStravick.

Summer McStravick created Flowdreaming and M.E. School as ways to share a powerful technique and philosophy with the world. Being in Flow is being without any lack, and scarcity, and any resistance. And this state is both reachable and tremendously powerful.

As an HCI, Hay House and Mind Valley published author, Summer has written “Flowdreaming,”  “Creative Flowdreaming,” and the forthcoming (Spring 2023) “Stuff Nobody Taught You: A Course in M.E. School”. Her collection of over 200 recorded Flowdreams and courses can be found on her website at She’s also been podcasting her ever-popular show, “Flowdreaming,” for 18 years.

She’s also known for her extraordinary background as having been hand-selected to work inside Hay House for Louise Hay and Reid Tracy for a decade, where she had the opportunity to dream-up and build Hay House Radio to what it is today. There, she produced major online seminars, CDs, and radio programs for people like Esther and Jerry Hicks (with Abraham), Suze Orman, Dr. Christianne Northrup, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue and many other luminaries in the fields of self-help and spirituality.

It was while at Hay House Radio that Summer began to share her previously private practice for manifesting, which turned into Flowdreaming®. Recommended by her weekly radio show cohost Dr. Wayne Dyer, public demand for Flowdreaming exploded, so Summer began her life-changing journey teaching Flowdreaming to thousands. Then at age 43, Summer was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and her journey deepened into one of intense healing and teaching. She remains free of breast cancer today.

Summer continues to teach in person in her flagship program, M.E. School, which has become one of the most highly recommended coaching programs in the world. For the last ten years, her students have come from all over the world to learn the techniques and mind-set she shares in M.E. School. 

Summer lives in sunny Southern California in a beachy coastal town with her husband, two teenage children, an enormous beast of a dog, and three kitties. When she’s not working away in her home office, you can find her in her planting vegetables in her garden or tending her koi ponds.

More Magical Things Flowdreamers Have Experienced

“I Won a $1,452,130 Jackpot by Flowdreaming”

My dear Summer, I have been listening to your tapes, reading your books and following you and your mother’s advice for the past few years now. Even when things were not going so well for me, I never gave up my Flowdreaming path. I am happy to tell you my dreams came true on August 24th, 2010. I won $1,452,130.64 at our local casino. Summer I now have it all thanks to your Flowdreaming and my strong believing things will come. I have mentioned to many friends and my own daughters just how you have changed my way of thinking. I share your books and mp3s. Now I need to replace them!! Just hearing your voice everyday is power to me. There is so much more I could go on an on about, I just felt you should know what Flowdreaming has done for me. Now I can afford to someday see you live.


“Starred in a TV Commerical and Huge Boost for My Acting Career”

I would like to share my success story. After coming back from my vacation, I had three checks from a Lexus commercial I was in (I had no idea about) totaling 9k! There is no lack here!

On top of that, I received a letter from my union (as an apprentice member) that I am eligible to become a full member, I received two credits instead of one for the Lexus commercial! After years of auditioning and trying to get the needed credits to be a full member, here I am now!

I am so grateful for all of the positive changes in my life. M.E. School has been the push I needed to succeed, I truly see that now more than ever! Thank you universe for putting all of these events and people in my life. I am so very blessed.


“Full Scholarship to College Lands in My Lap After 20 Years!”

I decided to go back to college after leaving school to work and [starting] a family 20 years ago. I used Flowdreaming throughout the application process and stayed focused on creating the emotions I wanted to attract. Not only did the university easily readmit me as a student, I was also awarded a full scholarship totaling around $30,000 for the year.


“Found the Man of My Dreams and a $200k Job through Flowdreaming”

I’ve been practicing Flowdreaming for almost 7 years and was your Diamond coaching student. When we began, the first thing I manifested was a great apartment in New York, by Central Park. Then I brought in a fantastic, sexy, “James Bond”-style husband. We got married, and I have a great relationship and another big house facing the beach.

As a Diamond student, we manifested a job a job for me with really high salary. But after one year there, I felt surrounded with people who didn’t value my team, so I decided to manifest an even bigger job!

I’m now salaried at over $200,000…all this within 2 years of doing the Flowdreaming together. I am now working with fantastic people, a great team, and a great boss. I bought a luxury BMW, and I can also work from home whenever I want. I’m loving everything you do. Thank you, Summer, you’re the best and most effective coach ever.


“My Debt Vanished”

My husband and I have student loan debt that we have been trying to reduce, get rid of, wish away for years! After using Flowdreaming to approach this problem for just three months, I just found out that $123,000 will be forgiven once our term finishes in 13 years. This comes after a windfall earlier of an anonymous gift of $200,000 from a trust fund that helped us buy a house in a down economy, pay off debt and invest money for the future and our kids.


“I love ME School!”

I love the practice of Flowdreaming, I love the amazing group of fellow Flow students who share and support me every day! I love the coaches and the homework and the classes with Summer. I have identified and broken through ceilings that were keeping me small and I can feel my courage growing. Joining ME School is one of the most precious gifts I have given to myself and I wouldn’t change a thing.


“No more meds”

In M.E. School I learned a personal self-acceptance, which helped me repair my relationship with my family. I also was able to get over the memory loss and mental instability from PTSD I had suffered from for 2 years prior to M.E. School, which saved me from having to go on a cocktail of meds. Easily a couple of decades fell off my back since M.E. School!


“Even though I wasn’t sure what to expect at the retreat, I had a feeling it’d be a magical time and signed up immediately when I found out about it. What I ended up getting from the retreat was opening my capacity to receive love, from others and from myself… which was exactly what I needed to go big. From the moment I got there until the very last goodbye, I just felt showered with LOVE. From the team. From other classmates. From Summer’s teaching. From the group exercises. From our partner sharing. From my one on one moments with Summer.

I know that my ability to manifest and create in my life is related to my ability to receive, and this retreat blew my heart wide up to receive. I know my income, success in my business, relationships and self-love will grow exponentially because of this experience.

Plus, meeting classmates in person really solidified the bonds I’d created with them over the year and even created new ones with those I’d never connected with before, and I truly feel like I have lifelong friends!! Even if you’re unsure of what you might get out of the retreat, go anyway, it’ll be worth the time and money and you’ll get exactly what you need.”


“M.E. School has been a wonderful experience for me. Summer and her team really helped me dig deep to heal, grow, and learn the joy and power of being in Flow this year — and the retreat was a beautiful culmination of so many things. It really opened up a whole new world, and we learned that we all truly are amazing (as Summer keeps telling us!)”


“My M.E. School retreat experience was mind blowing and heart opening. The opportunity to connect with other M.E. Schoolers and personal Flow Buddies in the flesh was such a treat! The energy was intense ~ uplifting ~ cleansing and healing ~ and fun! Breakthrough after breakthrough occurred for me over the two days and really helped me to anchor in my learning over the past year. Summer, Alexa, Laurie, Melissa, Barb, Jessica and all my Flow Family ~ thank you so much for creating space, holding the vision, and sharing so lovingly and authentically! I know I was exactly where I needed to be and wouldn’t have missed it for the world! So grateful!”


“I will admit, I was initially hesitant to commit to attending the ME School retreat since I am not active on the Facebook page and had fallen behind in listening to the classes and doing my fun sheets. I also came up with a laundry list of reasons why I shouldn’t go: I’ll have to request off work which means one less vacation day this year, I’ll be spending lots of money, and what if I don’t know anyone? But my resistance was exactly why I HAD TO go. I went to the retreat.

I showed up to a group of amazing, openly loving individuals who were my fellow ME schoolers, the M.E. School coaches and staff, and Summer. I felt safe to share, explore, and just be authentically me. You will get to meet and talk with Summer who is truly gifted at what she does. Just by looking into my eyes for a few moments, she was able to point out a block I didn’t even know was there! I cried and probably you will too if you go but not without also laughing and feeling an overwhelming sense of inspiration and newly discovered motivation. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience and community.”


I knew I would be with an amazing group of people at the retreat, but everyone was a level way above amazing. Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. The phrase “surround yourself with great people” -well I found some truly great people. Thank you all for an amazing experience.”