Hi Loves,

I’m Summer, and I’m here to give you a heap super good vibes, some deep honest teachings, and an open-minded, growth-seeking friend to hang out with (me)!

Mix up a pinch of woo and a ton of practical advice, and you’ve got “Flowdreaming: Still Kinda Woo Woo.” 

Manifesting, abundance thinking, deep inner healing, inner power, coaching talk, business advice, and of course the magic elixir of Flowdreaming — we cover it all!  This gorgeous podcast has already helped over 180,000 people transform their lives through over 3 million downloads.

Nineteen years running, Flowdreaming is one of very few original personal growth podcasts to stand the test of time. (You can find the first 10 seasons on Apple Podcasts as the “Complete Archives” subscription.)

So dive in, leave a review, or shoot me an email. I love talking to all my listeners. You make this show happen!

This is the Game Changer

I’ve been listening to this podcast every week for a few years now, it’s filled with infinite spiritual wisdom and real practical life advice, but it’s not like 99% of what’s out there that you listen to and then forget and it never gets implemented in your life. She doesn’t just talk at you. She walks you through the process of how to implement all that wisdom into your life so that you can really build the life you want. She walks you deeper into yourself. It’s an awesome podcast.

– Megz916
Love Summer and Flowdreaming

Flowdreaming has been a complete game changer in my personal and spiritual development. I’m going deeper and living more fully. Summer is sincere, thoughtful and completely genius in how she loves, shares her gifts, and profoundly impacts our lives. She helps bring to the surface our Best Selves and in return, we share the happy rippling effects with our families, communities, and ultimately the world.

– By Flowdreamer For Life!
Amazing Listening to an Episode on YouTube

OMG it’s amazing. It has blown my mind, as I experienced what she is saying and literally had a breakthrough. That episode as name implies it’s about the shock of horrible abusive work environment and how that can hold you back when you want to move forward. She literally gave me a map to create a way to heal and how to create tools for others to heal. Summer thank you if you read this.

– vivwill
Life Changing!

I thank God that i stumbled upon Summer and Flowdreaming. I can honestly say it was the best thing ever – like coming home! Summer teaches with such love and compassion as she empowers her listeners. I am so grateful!

– Magic – 2014
Listen to Summer

These podcasts are a great mix of techniques and benefits of flowdreaming and grounded yet energizing advice for personal growth. The podcasts are good to replay in the morning while you get ready for your day, and Summer’s genuine love of her work and sharing of her talents is kind of infectious.

– Mwhoo
Thank you

I have tried many programs to assist with increasing my manifesting and BAR-none, your work hands down is the best. It’s simple and can be done many times a day. If anyone is really interested in knowing or just checking out the idea, here is a great place to start. These podcasts are fun and informative. A really good sampling of actual Flowdreaming sessions and an opportunity to learn all the different situations it can very helpful. Actually, life altering. I thank you with all my heart.

– Freya’s first