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The Prosperity Challenge: A 14-Day Program for Manifesting

Downloadable Book and Audio Set

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Product Description

The Prosperity Challenge is a two-week program for transitioning your thinking toward a life of abundance and financial security. The Challenge shows you how to manifest prosperity using a process called Flowdreaming that lets you access higher, deeper states of mind. You will reprogram your thinking and your Energy Self to both expect and receive the material security you desire.

This process is not meditation, and it is not hypnosis. Flowdreaming is a special blended technique that combines guided daydreaming with intense emotion as you access the quantum manifestational ocean of consciousness the Flow that underlies all life. Each day, you'll participate in a manifesting exercise as you read the daily lesson, then listen to the corresponding mp3. Each audio session guides you through vivid, super-focused scenarios and metaphorical imagery within an intense daydream-like state. Within this Flow state, you examine your thinking about wealth, unravel your blocks toward prosperity, and rewrite your energetic blueprint through an intense burst of manifesting to allow in financial security and income.

Past participants in this Challenge have realized giant leaps of income, new jobs, windfalls of cash, lottery winnings, and many other spectacular results. Still others have seen a gradual shift take hold in which their finances stopped their downward slide and began a rebound. However, no guarantees are made. You are the ultimate creator in this process, and you control the outcome. But for thousands, this has been a transformational process that has affected their relationship with money from the inside out.

The Prosperity Challenge includes a PDF book and eight mp3s containing 130 minutes of material.

The tracks include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Days 1 and 8: Realization
  3. Days 2 and 9: Feeling Worthy
  4. Days 3 and 10: Trust in the Unexpected and Divine Guidance
  5. Days 4 and 11: Gratitude, Stability, and Security
  6. Days 5 and 12: Breaking Through Old Beliefs and Glass Ceiling Limitations
  7. Days 6 and 13: Wealth Through Work and Life Purpose
  8. Days 7 and 14: Windfalls of Wealth & Multiple Streams of Income

Note: You'll be asked to download the PDF file to either print the book or read it on your screen, and download the 8 accompanying mp3s to practice with.


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"



Additional Information

Type PDF Book + mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Days 1 and 8 Realization, 15 minutes

Track 2: Days 2 and 9 Feeling Worthy, 21 minutes

Track 3: Days 3 and 10 Trust in the Unexpected and Divine Guidance, 18 minutes

Track 4: Days 4 and 11 Gratitude, Stability, and Security, 17 minutes 

Track 5: Days 5 and 12 Breaking Through Old Beliefs and Glass Ceiling Limitations 17 minutes

Track 6: Days 6 and 13 Wealth Through Work and Life Purpose, 18 minutes

Track 7: Days 7 and 14 Windfalls of Wealth & Multiple Streams of Income, 20 minutes