Flowdreaming Podcast 602: Incredibly Lucky You! Use Flow to Win Anything – Lotteries, Bingo, Raffles, Prizes, or Gambling

Can you be extra lucky? YES!

Let’s play with increasing the energy of good fortune and luck in your life. Luck is random AND luck is cultivated. Choose an area you want to feel lucky in, then listen to this episode! Then, do your daily practice with the Flowdream Winner’s Mindset at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

2:28 – Learn the difference between luck and intentional winning and about a brand new product to help you change your fortune

4:45 – Find out how luck can become a power leak.

5:25 – Discover what attributes lucky people tend to have.

8:25 – Hear how intuition relates to luck.

9:45 – Learn how believing you are lucky can make it true for you.

14:53 – Get yourself in the winner’s mindset and let the universe match it to you.

16:50 – Discover how desperation works against you aligning to what you want.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 601: Tradewinds – Sensing Direction and Change

When you sense a big change afoot, what happens if other people don’t?

Do you feel like the smart lone wolf or insecure Chicken Little? Even more importantly, how do handle upcoming change? Let’s pick up some good tips and even Flowdream for our best possible outcomes. Master change with the Restored, Aligned & In Control Meditation Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

3:15 – Hear how Summer feels the coaching industry is evolving

7:45 – Discover where in you life you tap into change

10:25 – Find out the most important thing you need to know before entering the information economy

15:15 – Learn how and why technology has affected every industry at some point

17:10 – Hear the two distinct, extreme ways you can go into change

21:10 – Discover Summer’s recommendation for getting restored, aligned and in control!

29:51 – Get into Flow with Summer around embracing change.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 600: Creating Work-Life Balance

Is there such a thing as work-life balance, or is it a mythical creature we’re all searching for?

As energy flows, so your heart goes. Let’s find the best ways to keep ourselves in balance and allow the treasures from all parts of our lives to flourish. Get into balance with the Program My Amazing Day Meditation + Flowdream Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

5:15 – Learn how work-life balance can become a habit we fall into

7:45 – Discover exactly what it is that always tips you out of balance 

9:40 – Break down your life’s balance into these three areas

13:35 – Hear Summer’s key to maintaining her balance

21:23 – Do this exercise with Summer to find out how you can discover the imbalance and how to fix it

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Flowdreaming Podcast 599: Lost (and Found) Inner Children

Sweet child of mine!

What does that inner baby inside have to say to you? How much attention have you given them? Do they come out into your life and play, or do you keep that ‘little you’ locked up in your parental jail? Let’s find your lost inner child and let them out to create some sparkle and joy in your life.

Spend some time with me as we coax out that little boy or girl in you who wants to skip, dance, jump and sing. We look at our inner child as not someone who needs fixing, but as someone who’ll fix us.

Then help your own kids with the Playlist Flowdreaming for Children at Flowdreaming.com.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 598: Finding the Unicorn

The unicorn is that elusive thing you’ve been looking for all your life.

For some of us, it’s love from our parents. For others, it’s financial safety. Maybe for you it’s unconditional love from a partner. Or perhaps it’s feeling beautiful, handsome, and desired. What’s your unicorn? And where is it hiding? Have you given up finding it? Let’s play with where Flow can lead us. Unicorns aren’t found, they’re drawn. Come draw yours. Recommended tool: use the Flowdreaming Playlist Ready to Go Big! at Flowdreaming.com.

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