Wondering how to get into flow state? Flowdreaming is a powerful, easy, and effective way to manifest anything you want—whether that’s lots of money, positive energy, relief from anxiety, the perfect romantic relationship, a new job or career, more time in your life for the things you love . . . or anything else

  1. Being in the Flow means that your life is flowing in a general direction that is for your highest good and happiness.
  2. When you fight against the current of your Flow, it’s just like swimming upstream—you encounter obstacles and frustration in your life. Things stop going your way.
  3. By daydreaming yourself into the Flow, or “Flowdreaming,” you can guide yourself back into the natural, positive energy and Flow of your life.
  4. Once in the Flow, you can manifest whatever you want to have—such as all the happiness and success you desire. It works!

No experience with meditation is needed. In fact, you already know how to get into your Flow since a part of your consciousness already exists there right now! Understanding how to get into a flow state simply means lifting the rest of your mind into this “place” to unleash the most profound transformative power into your life.

Using a kind of “guided daydreaming,” you can see, hear, smell, and feel the imagery and sensations of your Flow. But Flowdreaming is much more than a daydream. Flowdreaming has a secondary aspect in which you enter a “place” outside of time or space where your mind and your desires become active, participatory, creative forces that can alter the circumstances in your life. Flowdreaming puts you smack in the center of the Universal manifestational energy of the world—the Flow (also known as the quantum Zero-Point field). You will know that you have touched this place when you begin to see your desires manifesting in your life.

Like a river to the sea, your personal Flow always travels in one direction—your natural direction of your most ease-filled, obstacle-free positive energy. When you fight your Flow or try to make things happen that may not be right for you, you’re going against the Flow—which can feel like swimming upstream. Flowdreaming helps steer you back on course to where everything again happens easily and effortlessly in your life, for your highest good.

Flowdreaming works so well, so quickly for many people because it’s based on daydreaming—not meditation—and daydreaming is something everyone already knows how to do. There’s a very little learning curve in understanding how to get into a flow state, so you can just get right in and start making things happen in your life. And when you add strong, positive energy and emotion to your Flowdreaming, you have completed all that’s needed to supercharge your life with Flow energy. Emotion is like an electrical charge, and the more emotion you transmit in the Flow, the farther, faster, and more profoundly your desires will manifest. This is because emotion excites energy, which generates strong manifestational power. Your strong intention—your strong desire—is what drives the creative power of your life and your Flow.

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