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Flowdreaming is a technique that lets you reshape your world-literally. It’s not meditation, or hypnosis, or based on positive affirmations or any other kind of program you may already know. It’s unique, and its purpose is to help you access the creative, energetic “underside” of life, so you can sculpt and direct your future.

It’s a big promise, but once you learn this technique, it will feel so simple and natural that you’ll wonder how you never knew about it before.

What Is Flow?

Flow is like a net or ocean of energy that runs over, under, around, and through everything in our Universe. It’s an energy of information, or a giant collection of data about everything that is, was, or potentially may be. And this net of energy or “information” has its own kind of internal, intrinsic awareness.

Imagine if every single thing in our universe had an inner understanding of what it was, or an awareness of its internal structure, or a consciousness of itself, on some very deep level. And all this consciousness put together-all this collected information or awareness- is what everything is actually made of. The physical things in life (apples, TVs, thoughts, wind) are just expressions of this awareness that take a physical form.

Some things, like paper airplanes, have no obvious awareness of what they are, but there’s an intrinsic “something”-a template-that makes the airplane stay an airplane. It has an internal blueprint, so to speak, and this blueprint or template is constantly changing as it continually recreates itself as it moves through time. It is slightly different every second, as the atoms within it move and decay. And so this paper airplane has a trail of information about itself from its past to its future. From the time it was part of a tree (and the tree grew from the earth, and back ever farther) to whatever will happen to it after it’s thrown in the trash-it’s in a state of becoming, and everything that its ever been is recorded. Every single way it has changed is documented in the flow of data. This, then, becomes the information that makes up the personal “flow” of this paper airplane.

Now imagine everything in the universe-even you-with a flow of information about itself, just like this plane. This is your personal Flow, and you can see how all our Flows of “being” are all constantly interacting and changing. This is the stuff we want to affect as we learn to manifest.

The way that we affect this energy is with our minds. Today, there’s a quantum theory of interconnectedness that tells us that when someone thinks about something, they actually affect whatever it is they’re thinking about, or observing. This becomes a problem for scientists who want to objectively measure quantum information. They simply can’t, because by merely observing a phenomena, they become part of the phenomena-a participant in it.

It’s similar to when your friend is thinking about calling you on the phone, and you “sense” it a moment before the call. From the moment she thought about you, your friend becomes part of your phenomena-your Flow. The fact that you register it in your awareness, that you “pick up” on her intention, means that somehow, the two of you are connected. Even though you’re not in the same room, you’re still sharing information, instantly, with one another. Your minds or consciousness are both part of Flow energy, where everything is instant and connected. When you think and feel something, it instantly blooms into existence, both within the Flow (as new data being generated and recorded) and within your physical reality (as a thought inside your head). Your new Flowdreaming practice will show you how to begin creating new data in the Flow that will translate itself into your physical reality.

Ultimately, Flowdreaming is the technique that lets us become aware of our constant coding of this data. Like someone writing a computer program, we write the code of our future through our constant interaction with this cosmic, quantum web of information. We aren’t passive bystanders, we are active consciousnesses, helping to create and shape everything around us, all the time, through our thinking.

Incidentally, many physicists have also quietly come to the same conclusion. They believe that we are all connected somehow, to a vast web of life-a kind of cosmic awareness.  Scientists as diverse as founder of Jungian psychology, Carl Jung, to Nobel laureate physicist Eugene Wigner, have all suggested that our universe has within it a kind of cosmic or overarching consciousness-and all our smaller minds, or consciousnesses, are a part of this.

Not only does Flow seem to have an internal awareness, but another distinctive quality is its direction or path. Like most natural phenomena, our Flows are always traveling the path of least resistance in a particular, expansive  and forward-moving direction that mirrors the evolutionary movement of life. Like water to the sea, your life should be easy, flowing, and in tune with this natural rhythm. You should always be expanding and adding to your awareness, as a matter of nature. And like water that never struggles to reach the sea, when you’re in your Flow, you too travel a path of ease and direction. In a riverbed, obstacles are temporary, and there’s a force (gravity) that always realigns the water into the easiest, most direct path to its destination. You’re likewise pulled by the force of your Flow toward your path of ease, evolution, expansion, upward direction, and fulfillment of your desires through any means the Flow has available for you.

Next, the Flow is malleable. This means that it responds to our thoughts and desires. It does what we ask, or think. We can shape or direct Flow energy by filling it with our intention or desire in the form of emotion.

You see, mostly, we go through life not paying any attention to what thoughts, feelings, and directives we’re sending into our Flow, so we get what we get is based on some “default” baseline already present inside ourselves. We give all of our attention to the physical side of life, and very little to programming this interior side. But when you go into your Flow (or open your awareness to it) through Flowdreaming, you enter or become more aligned with this pure, malleable energy, and you can insert your desires into this flowing fabric so that your physical life then has to follow the template you’ve created there. It’s all about making new templates, or blueprints, just how you want them.

So there you have it: Flow energy is the living energy of the cosmos. It’s responsive, aligned, and growth-oriented and expansive. It’s malleable or sculpt-able, and it encompasses all the information that is, was, or ever will be. It includes all of our consciousnesses, and the “awarenesses” or spirits of a vast number of other kinds of “beings” that have also evolved from Source energy. To Christians, it’s is the stuff of God–His toolbox–and it’s for you to use and learn from. To all o