Consistency is a bitch.

Let’s look at blogging and newsletters. If you’re a business owner in any sense,  if you’re a writer, if you’re a coach . . . you’re supposed to ritualistically crank out illuminating advice every week ad infinitum.

You do it, or you’re supposed to hire someone to sound like you and do it and give advice on personal growth. Or astrology. Or Real Estate. Or healthy eating. Or your personal brand or vision. Advice, advice, advice. Insight. Scintillating ah-ha-provoking pieces of literature.

But this is what I see happening instead: Bright stars with amazing messages push out a month or three of amazing blogs or newsletters, then go quiet.

Really quiet.

I know how they’re feeling: They’re wondering if anyone has noticed that they emptied out. They wonder if their precious audience, who read their stories and illuminations, are all scattering to the winds.

Right now, I’m struggling to think up three new fascinating topics for my podcast. And I just can’t. I’m 500 episodes deep. That’s 500+ topics. What more can I say? What haven’t I said dozens of times?

A teacher, a true teacher, does in fact say the same thing 100s of times. We mine our jewels in incredible hardship (often) then we begin to plant them along the road for others to pick up. We plant the same seeds over and over.

Wisdom isn’t cheap. It’s not a weekly marketing email.

We offer our wisdom, then we offer it again. And eventually, we have to stop and wait for more wisdom to incubate itself inside us. Unfortunately, this isn’t how the capitalist world is set up. In that world, there’s always someone peddling a product, or an idea. Keep up.

Self-development is different. Or at least it should be.

Be gentle with yourself. Let yourself rest and incubate ideas. Passion grows from reflection. My Flowing, Easy Life Playlist helps you nurture your genius.

I know why I unsubscribe to so many self-growth and business-growth type emails: they become all surfacy. “Buy this and be that.” I can feel how gradually uninspired they are-how the person behind them is reaching to get to some truth, but they don’t give me THEM , the real them.

They want me to buy into them, but they don’t let me see into them.

The words become empty.

We need to know that there is a “THERE there,” behind the message, always. You can’t just sell me on the Pepsi, you have to tell me how you made it, what good things are in it, what inspired you to make it, and how you almost gave it up. I want your story. I want you.

That’s why when I come out with a new Flowdream or program, like MoneyFlow, I share it freely and deeply, and tell why I made it and what it does. Then I move on.

Which brings me back to this article. I’m going to be incubating my pearls for a while. You’ll hear from me in fits and starts. I’ll be here in your inbox, then gone. I’ll pop up when I’ve discovered something gooshy and fantastic, but then in between you need to let me rest. I’m not a corporation, even though I made one.

After all, a corporation will give you the relentless hammer of marketing.

Yet real personal growth gives you insight, true insight, only as it reveals itself.

So I’m done feeling behind, guilty, and bad for not keeping up a grind of Facebook posts, emails and blogs. I’d rather be real and get real.

You can let go of so many daily obligations that you’ve made real in your mind.

Don’t over-pour from your well. Hold some back, let some ideas simmer, and don’t be afraid to toss consistency to the winds. Go silent when you need to. And open up in full flower when you’re ready.

What are you feeling pushed to do right now? Are you tired of the hamster wheel? Tell me about it in the comments below.