Your Flowdreaming program: simplified

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People often want to know how to get started Flowdreaming. So, I’ve put together the simple program that follows.

The technique of Flowdreaming has three components:

1. Awareness of Flow energy

2. Strong, directed emotion

3. Guided daydreaming

First, remember that your mind or consciousness is already adrift in this Flow. After all, it’s made of this energy. Your brain creates, stores, and synthesizes data, but it does so more like a quantum computer would-using quantum Flow energy instead of regular electricity. So your mind is already in the Flow, at all times. But you need to convince yourself of it, so this where guided daydreaming comes in. When you daydream, your mind seems to “detach itself” from your exterior surroundings. It “goes” somewhere, and you often don’t even realize it. Well, instead of “drifting off” unaware into a fantasy, in Flowdreaming, you pay attention to where you’re going. You still drift-but you watch where you’re drifting, similar to having a lucid dream.

This means you close your eyes, and let your mind wander. Daydream. Bring up an image that makes you think about the concept of Flow. Maybe you see a beautiful, winding river of light with an internal “aliveness” so it knows exactly where it’s going. Or, you see a starry sky with a glittering path that weaves through space, surrounded by strings of light energy moving in and out of complex and beautiful patterns all around you. Or maybe you see an ocean of light, with a current that tugs and pulls you gently toward a perfect destination.

What is Flow energy?: A brief explanation

This Article is part of’s free Online Learning Library.

Flowdreaming is a technique that lets you reshape your world-literally. It’s not meditation, or hypnosis, or based on positive affirmations or any other kind of program you may already know. It’s unique, and its purpose is to help you access the creative, energetic “underside” of life, so you can sculpt and direct your future.

It’s a big promise, but once you learn this technique, it will feel so simple and natural that you’ll wonder how you never knew about it before.

What Is Flow?

Flow is like a net or ocean of energy that runs over, under, around, and through everything in our Universe. It’s an energy of information, or a giant collection of data about everything that is, was, or potentially may be. And this net of energy or “information” has its own kind of internal, intrinsic awareness.

Imagine if every single thing in our universe had an inner understanding of what it was, or an awareness of its internal structure, or a consciousness of itself, on some very deep level. And all this consciousness put together-all this collected information or awareness- is what everything is actually made of. The physical things in life (apples, TVs, thoughts, wind) are just expressions of this awareness that take a physical form.

A new model of consciousness

Let’s do a thought experiment. Take a look at your hand. You know that it’s made up of tissues, blood, and bones. You may further realize that these things are each made of tiny cells, which are in turn made of minute proteins which are constructed from DNA and RNA . . . which are themselves made from molecules . . . which come from atoms . . . which come from . . . what?

Squint now . . . what comes next? Pretend that you’re seeing your hand down at its most basic level. It’s not solid at all, is it. See how there’s so much space between the atoms? What’s in that space? Nothing, you say? Emptiness? Empty space? Is that really what you’re made of?

What is Flowdreaming?: An introduction

Wondering how to get into flow state? Flowdreaming is a powerful, easy, and effective way to manifest anything you want—whether that’s lots of money, positive energy, relief from anxiety, the perfect romantic relationship, a new job or career, more time in your life for the things you love . . . or anything else

  1. Being in the Flow means that your life is flowing in a general direction that is for your highest good and happiness.
  2. When you fight against the current of your Flow, it’s just like swimming upstream—you encounter obstacles and frustration in your life. Things stop going your way.
  3. By daydreaming yourself into the Flow, or “Flowdreaming,” you can guide yourself back into the natural, positive energy and Flow of your life.
  4. Once in the Flow, you can manifest whatever you want to have—such as all the happiness and success you desire. It works!

Conductivity and resistance

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If you’re looking for an explanation for why some things in your life seem so frustratingly difficult to manifest, then read on. It’s a long article, but contains valuable information. It begins with a story about something that happened to me these last few weeks.

I normally talk about the Flow using a metaphor of water. Our Flow moves like a current of ease and bounty, never ceasing, always finding the path of least resistance, like water flowing to the sea. When we’re in sync with this essence of life, we find that the world opens to us and we can manifest our desires with abandon.  When we’re at odds with this medium for manifesting, we’re going against this current and finding ourselves constantly struggling upstream facing discouragement, debt, and despair.

Well a few weeks ago I happened on a new way of looking at it: I’m going to borrow two terms from science and rework them a little:  conduction and resistance. A copper wire conducts energy beautifully, and lets it move right where it needs to go. A rubber wire, on the other hand, is a terrible conductor for electricity. It’s a point of resistance. We have both in our lives. Imagine that we’re on a racetrack made of copper, but the bumper walls are made of rubber. We can bump against the resistance as much as we want, or we can get back on the copper track. Here is what happened to me recently that made this all so clear to me.