Flowdreaming Podcast 602: Incredibly Lucky You! Use Flow to Win Anything – Lotteries, Bingo, Raffles, Prizes, or Gambling

Can you be extra lucky? YES!

Let’s play with increasing the energy of good fortune and luck in your life. Luck is random AND luck is cultivated. Choose an area you want to feel lucky in, then listen to this episode! Then, do your daily practice with the Flowdream Winner’s Mindset at Flowdreaming.com.

In this episode:

2:28 – Learn the difference between luck and intentional winning and about a brand new product to help you change your fortune

4:45 – Find out how luck can become a power leak.

5:25 – Discover what attributes lucky people tend to have.

8:25 – Hear how intuition relates to luck.

9:45 – Learn how believing you are lucky can make it true for you.

14:53 – Get yourself in the winner’s mindset and let the universe match it to you.

16:50 – Discover how desperation works against you aligning to what you want.

Exposure, truth and braggarts

ME: “How’s your business doing?”

THEM: “Great! I just did a TedX talk. Then I closed $800,000 in sales and found my soul mate. Then I met God and he sat me down for coffee and told me I was His favorite. Plus, I look super hot. And everyone loves me.”

ME: “Oh. Awesome for you.”

. . .

I go to events as part of my work where conversations like this abound. Lots of well-heeled, overly made-up and smartly dressed people get together to talk about how amazing they’re doing. And how they want to collaborate with you. And they want to know if you know so-and-so, because they know so-and-so and just left his private island (or mastermind or personal vacation home).

Yes, if I sound jealous, it’s because it’s meant to make you jealous. The whole thing is like a Facebook page in flesh: now you don’t just see photos of my awesome trips, best selfies, cutest pets and smarter kids, but I get to wave it around to you in person.

You know how you feel after your Facebook or Instagram binge?

Inside the mind of a personal-growth addict


  • Read countless blogs and attend a million webinars to try to figure out how to grow your business / fall in love / feel better about yourself / name your thing [ ].
  • Try one or two things from the most recent blog or webinar. They don’t work.
  • Wonder why they worked for someone else.
  • Think something is wrong with you.
  • Buy an online course. Maybe that will fix it.
  • Don’t finish it. Who has the time?
  • Are overwhelmed at work.
  • Actually I.D.G.A.F. about work. You’re on the hamster wheel of work.