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People often wonder how the soul, mind, and body “go together.” Here is a graphic that illustrates the connection, as seen from a Flow perspective. Note that some of you may relate “soul” as your Higher Self. I prefer to use the term “Greater You.”

You are much bigger than you think. In fact, you go way beyond your physical body. Your body is just the very edge of the ultimate You, like the skin of an orange. Instead of seeing your body, mind, and soul as three separate and distinct things, instead think of them as gradations of energy along a vast spectrum, existing simultaneously along this continuum of energy-the Flow.

These “you”s exist on finer and finer levels, from the outside, visible You (your body) to the inner, invisible You (your mind and spirit). Your consciousness is a bridge between these levels. During your day, your consciousness is both present in your brain and at the same time is receiving a huge amount of information from the part of itself that exists in the Flow-in other words, in these finer vibratory frequencies.

When you purposely move into the Flow, you are moving into and aligning yourself more firmly within life’s finer energy fields, where reality takes shape at its most basic level. Every time you think, you are moving in and out of these finer fields at a quantum level. Flowdreaming allows you to expand your access to these finer fields, where the world as we know is first thought into reality.

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