Talented and Successful: Peak Performance

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Instantly get yourself into the "zone" or Flow in your activity or talent. Create the feeling of being at the top of your game: focused, clear, brilliant and on fire! This Flowdream unleashes the full potential of your talent, ability, or skill, making it feel EASY and effortless.

Time will seem to disappear as you become fully and passionately engaged in whatever you're doing. You won't ever find yourself procrastinating again. Nor will you feel frustrated with yourself at your lack of talent or skill. Instead, you'll actively FEEL yourself improving with effortless ease. Not only that, but you can use this Flowdream to FIND your best talents or natural abilities, whether you know them yet or not!

This Flowdream creates a delicious feeling of being totally IN FLOW with your activity. You'll feel excited, wanting to do it, and be amazed at what you accomplished or produced as a result.

Use this Flowdream to: 

  • study or prepare for something important
  • find your strongest ability to attract clients or perform your professional activities
  • get into a perfect artistic space, where your writing, drawing, collage or ANY art freely flows from you
  • become better at your sport and vastly improve your game
  • discover an activity or means of expression that you enjoy immensely, which is fulfilling and exciting
  • create an energy where other people recognize and marvel at your output
  • actually ENJOY your activity or talent, instead of dreading getting started or procrastinating 


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Author Summer McStravick
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17 minutes

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Talented and Successful: Peak Performance Sample