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The Yellow Brick Road of Yes's

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Yes, yes, yes! It's so good to hear people tell us "YES!" We NEED "yes's" for so many things, and the feeling of yes is one that is rewarding, positive, easy, helpful, and lucrative. "Yes" is an energy, just like "no" is. 

Try this little experiment to yourself: Say, "yes yes yes" to yourself three times. How does it feel? Now say, "no no no." You'll notice a very definite emotional difference. Now imagine what might happen if you infuse the energy of your life with the feeling of yes. All kinds of good things can spring from this. 

"Yes" is a feeling of doors opening, resources coming, and wishes granted. What do you need a "yes" for? If you've been feeling an overload of negative energy (restriction, obstruction, blocked) then try this Flowdream to bring in more spontaneous "yes's" from the people and situations around you.  

Use this Flowdream to:

  • bring in an influx of people who want to help you, guide you, or offer assistance
  • bring in situations where you are given good things, or where a "yes" means getting what you want
  • overturn an overabundance of "no's" you've recently had 
  • change your fortunes so things you try turn out well, fueled by yes's that guide you in a positive, great direction


 "Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"


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Author Summer McStravick
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13 minutes

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