Immediate Relief from Depression or Anxiety Playlist

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Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing

Snap yourself out of immobilizing anxiety or depression. Maybe your stress stems from relationship problems, money troubles, health worries, family issues, or anything else. The soothing words and intense emotion in this playlist work to stop and reverse your paralyzing fears, helping you regain control of your mind and feelings.

This playlist contains the following three tracks:

1. Immediate Relief from Depressive Thoughts

Many (if not most) people experience rough patches in life when a series of events tumble them into depression and leave us feeling in a black hole of “flatlined” emotions. Illness, breakups and divorce, job losses, and other setbacks can leave us feeling hopeless and confused.

If left unnoticed, we can end up in a fog of despair or daily anxiety that obscures our life. This Flowdream offers guided meditation for emotional healing and helps you "wake up" from your depression by inserting positive, affirming feelings into you and your Flow. It can be your first step and a complement to other therapies for healing your emotional self and manifesting peace as you leave depression behind.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • experience a pleasurable guided meditation for emotional healing
  • create a sense of distance and perspective that allows you to think logically again
  • remember what it's like to feel "normal" again
  • feel inspired and passionate about your life, and that things will change for the better
  • release feelings of being stuck, stale, and without hope for your future
  • feel inspired to re-engage with life, family, work and friends

2. Instant Anxiety Relief

Does your racing mind keep you awake at night, chewing on one scenario after another? Are you sometimes consumed with feelings that something terrible is going to happen? Have you ever experienced panic attacks so overwhelming you are afraid you might die because your body feels out of control?

Then this is the Flowdream for you! Similar to a guided meditation for emotional healing, this Flowdream helps you feel instantly clear, relaxed, and at ease. It’s designed to help you steer your emotions into new channels of hope, peace, and joyful anticipation. The soothing words and intense emotion present in this Flowdream work to stop and reverse your immobilizing fears, helping you regain control of your mind and feelings .It will help you feel better instantly, and even works to instill a growing sense of optimism and control inside yourself — manifesting peace and clarity. There are simply no other audio products like this on the market today.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • get immediate relief from fears and anxieties that feel hovering or impending
  • prevent or quickly recover from panic attacks
  • soothe yourself back to sleep, knowing that all is well
  • solve worrisome situations with help from Flow
  • regain feelings of peaceful and calm equilibrium
  • begin developing a relationship with your emotions where you’re in control

3. Immediate Relief from Stress and Anger

From family drama to problems at work, stress and anger can eat you up—emotionally, mentally, even physically. "Intense pressure" becomes the new normal—until your body falls apart, or your marriage collapses, or your career disintegrates. Most importantly, your emotional energy system becomes compromised—leaving you unable to defend yourself against the intense pressure you find yourself in.

Similar to a guided meditation for emotional healing, this Flowdream works with your entire emotional/Flow energy system to reverse stress. It is not meditation —it’s a Flowdream! And as a Flowdream, it fills you with positive energy, soothing feelings, and reassurance that the stress is going away.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • manifest peace and serenity
  • shed the intense stress you've been shouldering
  • release the anger, fear, confusion, and pressure that’s been eating at you
  • know that whatever is causing you stress is already working itself out into something new, that will benefit you in the end!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this mp3 should not be a substitute for comprehensive medical care and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, nor is this audio intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Track 1: Immediate Relief from Depressive Thoughts, 13 minutes

Track 2: Instant Anxiety Relief, 22 minutes

Track 3: Immediate Relief from Stress and Anger, 13 minutes


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