Focus, Absorb, and Flow

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Learn material fast and be able to express it exactly when you need it! Use this Flowdream to study for an exam, get good grades, learn a new skill, or experience total mastery in an existing skill, talent or sport. When learning new material, you absorb it faster and deeper when you're in the Flow.

We all know the feeling of "super absorption."

It's that point you hit when:

  • you're studying and suddenly time has flown and you realize you deeply ingested what you were reading
  • you're trying to improve your game or fitness routine and you get on a roll and just fly through your sport with ease and perfection
  • you're learning a new language and the words begin to fall into place in your mind, and you're hearing and speaking without even thinking of how to do it
  • you plan to cram down a lot of facts fast (for that quiz or test!) and your mind is simply grabbing and cataloging the material like crazy
  • you're drawing, painting, or crafting and suddenly it's all Flowing

This short, focused Flowdream leads you right to that space. You'll feel an incredible sense of alignment with your activity that allows you to absorb, memorize it, and then reach your highest point with it.

This Flowdream is excellent for:

  • students to use right before studying to get into the mindset
  • students to use right before exams to feel cool and confident
  • people to use before their golf game, bike ride, triathlon, or any other sport to help them get in the "zone" immediately people who are creative and want to slip into total focus right away with their craft (such as writers who want to get focused on their writing)
  • people who have to learn a lot of new material fast, such as that new computer program at work.

If you or someone in your family struggles with focus, retention, or procrastination this is the Flowdream to use! If you or someone in your family wants to excel at school, work, or in a hobby, then this is the Flowdream to use!


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"



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Focus Absorb and Flow Sample