Open and Expand Your Empathic Intuition

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Open and Expand Your Empathic Intuition

Empaths are uniquely attuned to the world. Our intuition is grounded in our ability to feel other people’s emotions, “read the room,” and generally pick up on all the emotions swirling around us wherever we go. Many of us are deeply empathic, but lacking any training on how to use this amazing gift.

Learn to Free Your Intuitive Gifts

This Flowdream leads you to open and expand your empathic intuition. You’ll discover how you use emotion as your primary means of sensing information, which could include sensing your future, past, or the present moment. It might mean being able to feel what other people are feeling or thinking (a.k.a. reading minds), or it might mean simply having a spot-on feeling about how things will work out in your life or someone else’s. 

Bloom With the World Around You

This Flowdream is designed to allow your intuitive sense to bloom and open gently yet powerfully. Listen daily or even just twice a week, and you'll begin to notice that you seem to "know" more about the people and situations around you. You seem to continuously "feel" Source-given guidance that before seemed so rare, or was maybe hard to read. You'll experience empathic intuition and what it feels like to have a "sixth" sense — your emotional sense, as an enormous part of your life that is continually giving you useful information. People might even start to ask, “Are you psychic?!"

Use this Flowdream to:

  • allow more intuition and flashes of insight into your life by using
  • understand what it feels like to have ongoing and useful intuitive hunches and know you are right!
  • blossom into the flowing, in-touch being that you are meant to be

This Flowdream is also part of the Intuitive Guidance and Awakening Playlist, which is a powerful set of Flowdreams for opening your awareness to divine timing, accessing your higher consciousness and guides, and growing your intuitive gifts.

Last, if you were looking for a guided compassion meditation, remember that while Flowdreaming is not meditation, it is a highly potent, similar technique. By expanding your empathic intuition, you’ll experience the same positive benefits as you would with a guided compassion meditation...and even more!


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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