Ultimate Healer (for Healers, Intuitives, and Coaches)

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Healers, psychics, life coaches and anyone who heals or guides others ... this Flowdream is expressly for YOU. Have you ever wished you could be a clearer conduit? That you could sense more, feel more, know more, coach more? Have you wished there was a way to enhance and open your healing or guidance ability moments before you need it? This Flowdream is perfect for healers, intuitive, and life coaches of all stripes. Feel your guidance open and your healing energy flow unimpeded to your clients after using this Flowdream to enhance and increase your perception to and connectivity with Source energy.

This Flowdream is your super simple 9-minute "prep” for any healing or intuitive activity you do. It gets you in the mood and in the "space," and opens your abilities direct to Source. Both you and your clients will LOVE the difference in your work that this Flowdream creates. You'll instantly get "into the space" — and feel yourself totally aligned to your message or ability. You'll feel how you "step out of the way" of your healing, coaching, or intuitive talent so that your client receives the absolute beach treatment or session from you ever.

You'll feel how clients respond more enthusiastically than ever, in turn growing your practice as word gets out about powerful and effective your sessions are. Play it with headphones for intense, quick connection into your perceptive or healing art, or put it on speakers for a more mellow infusion while you prep for your client.

This Flowdream is perfect for:

  • life coaches who rely on their gut sense of direction during sessions
  • massage therapists
  • EFT practitioners
  • Reiki healers
  • practitioners of any kind of energetic or emotional healing technique
  • intuitives/psychics
  • astrologers
  • numerologists
  • readers of all kinds (Angel readers, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this mp3 should not be a substitute for comprehensive medical care and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, nor is this audios intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"


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