Going Big

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Attract Abundance and Prosperity

Do you feel like if you "go big," you'll alienate people or something terrible will happen? Why do we feel like someone else will feel hurt, jealous, envious, criticize us, or somehow make us feel uncomfortable if we truly let our light shine, step forward, and say, "I'll take, do, or be  something"? Why do we fear a backlash for stepping into our greatness, and if we get past that, can we attract abundance and prosperity?

Yes...It’s Time to Go Big!

Many of us have been taught since childhood not to put ourselves ahead of others. You're told to "play nice" and share. You're told that if you have a fantastic skill, you should downplay it so you don't come across as arrogant or boastful. You're advised to wait for your turn. You're told to stay with the herd because that's where your friends are. 

The result of this old programming is that time and again in our adult lives, we hesitate just enough when stepping forward that someone else leaps in front of us. We end up with second-best all the time in areas from relationships to promotions.

Further, when we do start embracing our greatness, we often suffer with insecurities like, "I'm not as good as that other person is, so why should I be doing/having/creating this?" And, "If I go for something, what if I fail? What if it's a huge mistake? What if I end up broken or alone?" 

And that's where many of us stay: in the uncomfortable middle-ground between "going big" and suffocating mediocrity. This is why you reach a certain level of success and never seem to top ot. You want to be seen, go big, and attract abundance and prosperity, but all these fears are in the way. 

Discover Your Greatness

Not anymore! This Flowdream changes that. You'll feel yourself finally and fully embracing who you are without fear of what you can do and what you're capable of. You'll allow yourself off your leash to pursue whatever it is you want to build or create—either the business of your dreams, the lifestyle you pine for, or the loving partnership that was only a fantasy before.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • Finally transcend your fears about being successful, seen, and admired
  • Cultivate feelings of being deserving and worthy 
  • Get your message into the world in a big way, and create lots of visibility
  • Remove stifling self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Attract abundance and prosperity by allowing your strengths to shine and be rewarded
  • Remove insecurity and self-doubt
  • Create opportunities in your future for others to see your talents and skills at their fullest potential

This highly potent Flowdream is not the easiest to describe because it's about unlocking some critical part of yourself in the Flow. You have to feel this to know just how deep it goes in you, and what it lets out of you is highly recommended! You'll blaze past all your former "ceilings" of success into a new, more vibrant, and more abundant territory. Your "stuck" time will be over. 

Lastly, remember that a Flowdream is similar to a meditation for growth, but it’s different in crucial ways. It’s emotional, flowing, and fast-paced.

This Flowdream is also part of the Ready to Go Big Playlist. You might also enjoy the Entrepreneur’s Flowbook: Thriving Wealthy Entrepreneur, which is made especially for those of you looking to grow your business and go big with it.



"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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