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Leveling up in your life means that you're ready to commit to doing ANYTHING Flow gives you that will break you free from where you are. You have to move your mindset into a new comfort-zone, and this means feeling uncomfortable for a while. It means facing this discomfort by truly taking on your fears and deciding that they are no longer dictating your decisions and your life. Fears are insidious. Half the time, they go around masquerading as something else: self-doubt, insecurity, aversion to risk, inability to say what you want or how you feel, indecision, confusion. All of these are manifestations of fear.

Once you get in the habit of peeling back the layers and looking for fear at the heart of each thing that holds you back, you'll find fear almost everywhere. Instead, tell the Universe you're ready for a real change. You're ready to stop hanging back. You're ready to live a life without fear. This Flowdream lets you discover how you feel beyond your own fears. It's a feeling-place unique to you, where you are unstoppable, strong, powerful, and utterly free. Once you taste this feeling, it'll become one of your favorite Flowdreams. In fact, in ranks in our Top 10 Most-Loved Flowdreams!

Use this Flowdream to: discover where your fears are and how they hold you back

  • encounter your "fear-free zone" and allow it to start guiding you daily
  • feel the delicious freedom of making choices without fear or doubt


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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23 minutes

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