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Effortless Decisions

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Imagine how freeing it'd feel to know that when facing a tough decision, that whatever you chose, you'd be guided and steered in the best possible direction. Imagine feeling that with the help of Flow, you'd naturally and instinctively pick the best path almost every time, and even when and if you didn't make the best choice, your Flow would steer you back into the right path swiftly and simply. In other words, you can't go wrong.

What relief you'd feel! It'd be so easy to make choices, and take action. What immense trust you'd feel. How lucky you'd feel. Never again would you sit in a paralyzed agony of "not knowing what to do." No more doing nothing ... afraid to do anything. No more self-doubt.

Hear this: Effortless, guided decision-making through Flowdreaming is something you CAN actually feel, all the time. "Effortless Decisions" calls on Flow to help you always make the best choices toward the outcomes your seeking. You'll be led to "check in" with your Flow during the Flowdream, offer it the problem or decision to be made, and then move through a process in which the best choice will naturally appear before you. So simple, potent, and freeing. Think of this Flowdream as your ace-in-the-hole, and download it today!


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length 17 minutes

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