Meet the Greater You, Your Guides, or Angels

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Receive Enlightenment and Divine Guidance

See, feel, and immerse yourself in the loving embrace of divine guidance. In this Flowdream, you can see, ask for, or experience anything your heart yearns for as you connect with higher energies who love and support you.

This Flowdream uses language that works with any belief or religious affiliation. No matter what "higher power" you turn to, this Flowdream helps you connect. You'll reach out, meet with, and merge with an expanded consciousness here, which you may call your soul-self or Higher Self. You'll also find yourself meeting your guide, angel, or messenger from God or Source who is most helpful to you right now—sort of like your best friend on the Other Side!

You’ll be able to ask questions, receive divine guidance, and be helped by powerful forces for good.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • offer up your worries and concerns to a higher power or greater consciousness
  • find answers and solutions to problematic issues
  • meet the powerful guiding consciousness that is most concerned about your well-being (your guide, angel, or other good energy you may be connected to)
  • finally discover who your guide or angel is

Last, remember that Flowdreaming is a beautiful compliment to any higher power meditation or prayer you may be doing—it may even catapult your present practice to a whole new level!

This Flowdream is also part of the Intuitive Guidance and Awakening Playlist, which also helps you experience divine guidance and connection to a higher power.



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Author Summer McStravick
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22 minutes

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Meet Your Guides the Greater You or Angels Sample