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What needs saying? What's bottled up, stifled, and you won't let it out? What do you think that's doing to you, day after day, year after year? It's stopping your Flow. It may even be making you sick. “Speak My Truth” is a Flowdream that helps you learn how to speak up and allows you to finally express what needs expressing. What's more, it creates beautiful openings or opportunities for you to express yourself in the safest, most supportive, and open environment possible.

Too often, we keep quiet because we're afraid. We anticipate bad reactions, and we "already know" how our words or feelings will be received. This Flowdream helps you change that by encouraging you to embrace “speaking my truth,” so that instead of approaching a conversation with fear, you approach it with confidence, knowing that it will turn out a million times better than you could ever imagine. You may have heard the term "bottling." It means that instead of allowing your thoughts and feelings free expression, you stuff them inside, afraid that you'll cause a fight or make things worse if you say them.

Over time, "stuffing," or bottling, creates toxicity in both body and Flow. Energy becomes trapped, and no matter how hard you push for things to change, the wall of bottled feelings resists the change. You end up in dead relationships , stagnant jobs, and often with health conditions as your body protests having to hold all that stuffed fear and anger. Learning to speak up means getting extremely clear on what you need to get YOUR needs met. It means owning your power and allowing situations to finally resolve. Let go, allow yourself to heal, and think to yourself, “It’s time to speak my truth.”

Use This Flowdream To:

  • Have that long-overdue conversation.
  • Resolve family drama.
  • Get conversations out of the "round-and-round rut" and move them to a fruitful place.
  • Talk to your boss with clarity and confidence.
  • Resolve issues with your partner in spontaneously gentle, open, and loving moments.
  • Create spaces and opportunities for the best conversations to take place.
  • Create a feeling inside yourself of clear, bold, loving confidence, so you can learn to speak up and say exactly what you mean and release feelings that you've been bottling up.
  • Start to get to know yourself again after months or years of "being someone else" for someone in your life.
  • Feel intensely powerful and trusting that the Universe (Flow, Source, God) has your back and will help you once you commit to opening up.



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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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14 minutes

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