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Manifest Weight Loss

The Flowdreaming Weight-loss Support System is a two-week audio program and guidebook that helps you lose weight and feel fit and attractive again. This groundbreaking weight-loss program is based on the active energy manipulation technique of Flowdreaming. Whether you want to lose those stubborn 10 pounds or 50, this program is your key to getting your body on board with your weight-loss program, and getting off the merry-go-round of losing weight only to gain it back.

When you manifest weight loss, you'll dig deep into the roots and patterns for gaining and regaining weight so you can let go of it forever. With simple daily weight loss affirmations, you’ll feel excited, motivated, and years lighter as you shed weight and regain your health. You’ll actually remake the “energy template” that forms your body (from the quantum state outward) as you allow a “new you” to emerge in your thoughts and feelings.

Emotional and Energetic Support

The Flowdreaming Weight-Loss Support System gives you both emotional and energetic support by allowing you to feel beautiful or handsome again just as you are, while at the same time helping your body return to the weight that fits it best.

Each day, you’ll feel lighter, freer, and healthier than the day before. Past participants have seen their extra weight slide off even as their healthy appetite for life reawakens — often for the first time in years. The book is packed with testimonials, tips, and insights from people around the world who've used the program to manifest weight loss. Best yet, you’ll have the tools you need to stay slim without feeling deprived after the “willpower” runs out.

You’re going to love Flowdreaming, and your body will love you for doing it! Note that this program does not contain dieting or exercise information. Instead, it takes you to the source of your weight gain (your emotional and energetic template) so you can totally recalibrate yourself to lose weight. Through highly pleasurable audio Flowdreaming exercises and short daily weight loss affirmations, you'll finally start to win the battle over those extra pounds.

If you've tried everything else, then it's time to try something new that actually works — Flowdreaming.

The program contains a 96-page PDF book and 114 minutes of audio files to help you manifest weight loss.

Included Tracks:

Day 1 and 8 Befriending My Body: You’ll repair your relationship with your body and regain its trust and admiration. You’ll tell your body, “I love you. I want to see you shine with health! I’ll give you whatever you need to do this. I am your friend, and I support you.”

Day 2 and 9 Self-Comfort and Intimacy: You’ll develop other means of soothing and comforting yourself when the urge is to overeat or use food as emotional comfort. You’ll draw in love and intimacy in many areas of your life, so food no longer fills that void.

Day 3 and 10 Releasing Emotional Weight: You replace the heavy energy of repressed or diverted emotion with positive feelings that you can express yourself without fear of being hurt. You’ll feel old, stuck, heavy energy sliding off as your body feels lighter and freer. You’ll also reawaken your passion and desire for more out of your life.

Day 4 and 11 Safely Slim and Beautiful: You tell your body how safe and treasured it is, and that it can once again express itself as something gorgeous, fit, and worthy of admiration. Your body no longer has to “disguise” you with extra weight in order to keep you safe. You feel and are truly beautiful in this Flowdream.

Day 5 and 12 Deep Self-Love: You cultivate your own self-love and reorganize your energy template so that you feel genuinely happy with who you are, and what you offer to the world to manifest weight loss.

Day 6 and 13 Feeling Healthy and Fearless: You release and let go — and trust that you’ll be safe and nurtured even as you allow new experiences into your life. You experience the safe, generous, and fulfilling nature of your future.

Day 7 and 14 Honoring and Pleasuring My Body: Your body finds healthy activities that it enjoys, and your body craves nutritious, living foods that feed your cells. You feel exhilarated and wonderful!

For an even more powerful experience, try the Lose Weight Now Playlist, which includes the Flowdreaming Weight Loss Support System and four additional weight and health-related Flowdreams.

Important Note

This process is not meditation or self-hypnosis. Flowdreaming is a special ­blended technique that combines guided daydreaming with intense emotion. Each daily audio session guides you through vivid, super-focused scenarios and metaphorical imagery within a daydream-like state.

Buy now to explore daily weight loss affirmations to help you manifest weight loss today.

"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Author Summer McStravick
Type PDF Book + mp3(s)
Track Length

Track 1: Days 1 and 8 Befriending My Body, 16 minutes

Track 2: Days 2 and 9 Self-Comfort and Intimacy, 17 minutes

Track 3: Days 3 and 10 Releasing Emotional Weight, 17 minutes

Track 4: Days 4 and 11 Safely Slim and Beautiful, 16 minutes

Track 5: Days 5 and 12 Deep Self-Love, 16 minutes

Track 6: Days 6 and 13 Feeling Healthy and Fearless, 15 minutes

Track 7: Days 7 and 14 Honoring and Pleasuring My Body, 18 minutes

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