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I Have So Many Good, Close Friends

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When was the last time you felt completely comfortable with a good, close friend who gives great advice, listens, and most importantly, who loves, understands, and accepts you just as you are, because they know you so well? When was the last time you were invited out for a fun evening or time spent with someone who shares your interests? When was the last time you felt you really had good, close friends?

Moving, divorces and breakups, job changes or even building your career or family — all kinds of things can cause us to lose touch with friends and let them drift out of our lives. Our friends are our support systems. They like us "just because." 

This Flowdream creates a broadcast message in the Flow to manifest a tight-knit circle of people you love to be with — whether new friends or old. 

Use this Flowdream to:

  • increase your number of friends, as well as the intimacy you feel with them
  • know that your friends are all trustworthy and genuine, and love you for who you really are
  • meet these new people easily and comfortably re-establish friendships with people whom you've let go of in your past
  • never feel lonely or that you have no one to talk to or share with ... because your new friends are there!
  • feel connected and wanted


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Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
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14 minutes

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