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Develop your energies so that the right partner walks into your life at the right time. Use this playlist to create a new landscape inside yourself that in which love can take root and grow.

This playlist contains the following three tracks:

1. Bring In The Love Of Your Life

Have you been waiting for the perfect partner to enter your life? The one who makes you feel like you've met your best friend ... the person you can be completely yourself with ... who loves you no matter what you're going through ... and who you think is just the best thing ever to enter your life? Do you remember what it feels like to be in love ... so deeply in love?

This Flowdream finds your perfect partner in the energies of Flow (no matter where they are in the world), and calls them into your life. You'll actually "sense" the feeling of this partner, and feel how you both "waken" to each other's energy and begin drawing nearer. Divine timing will always be in play when meeting the person you fall in love with, but why not state clearly to the Flow that you are ready, NOW, for your partner, so that you're present and ready and getting the energies moving?

Open yourself to be ripe and ready for their love, and importantly, let yourself become energetically known and visible to them ... then let the fireworks fly!

Use this Flowdream to:

  • make your ideal partner strongly aware of you, no matter where in the world you are
  • task Flow energy for arranging the easiest, quickest way to meet
  • open yourself fully to allowing the most perfect loving relationship into your life
  • generate strong, persistent Flow energy that calls in your partner and tasks your Flow with arranging all the details
  • let go of any energy that's been keeping you single or blocking you from receiving a loving partner.

2. Dazzling Self-Love 

Get in touch with your best friend again: YOU! Feel tremendous self-confidence and deep self-acceptance as you explore YOUR OWN HEART in this truly delicious Flowdream that feels like a bubble bath for your heart. If you want to love other people more, better, and unconditionally, you'd better make sure you start with yourself, FIRST. 

Even if you already feel a good amount of self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love, this Flowdream will surprise you by peeling back layers to show you where any one of these feelings may be surprisingly low. These "low spots" can be your secret enemy as they manifest themselves through self-sabotaging behaviors, victim-feelings, and through preventing you from simply "going for it" in your life. 

Use this Flowdream to:

  • finally understand what's so unique and Source-filled inside of you 
  • feel what it's like to be able to love others unconditionally 
  • understand where your insecurities are, then gently uproot them and lovingly let them go 
  • remember all the parts of you that are special and worth loving  
  • remind yourself of who your best and oldest friend is, and why you should pay more attention to yourself if you want life to improve 
  • finally accept who you are in every way, without judgment, fear, or shame.

3. Reawakening To Love And Intimacy 

Love and intimacy must be nurtured and cultivated. Open the door to them and don't be afraid when they arrive. Be willing to say, "Yes, I want to feel understood, cherished, and admired. I want all kinds of good, connected relationships in my life. I want to be emotionally supported. I'm done with going it alone."

Often, emotional storms in our lives have left us like derelict boats, floating aimlessly, detached and unmoored. Maybe we've moved, or divorced, or let our friends slowly disappear into time. Or we got hurt and withdrew, and now are reluctant to extend ourselves deeply into people's lives, or allow them into ours.

This Flowdream busts down the barriers to being loved deeply and truly. It reignites that sacred flame inside you. It restores your confidence and power as you tell your Flow, "I deserve good relationships and emotional satisfaction everywhere in my life."  And most of all, it places you directly in Flow where love feels natural, free, and trusting, so you can remember those feelings again in your life, and change your own Flow to match embody them.

Imagine a thriving circle of friends waiting to welcome you in. Imagine a group with your shared interests, just waiting for you to join them in their adventures. Imagine a best friend who fits who you are today, and who's right beside you wherever you're heading. Imagine a partner becoming closer to you than ever before, excited to spend time with you. Play this Flowdream to see what or who your Flow will bring to you to help you achieve your next level of deep fulfillment.


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Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Bring In The Love Of Your Life, 16 minutes

Track 2: Dazzling Self-Love, 20 minutes

Track 3: Reawakening To Love And Intimacy, 19 minutes

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