Awaken My Feminine Power

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You can't play small with this Flowdream! It gets you in touch with your deepest feminine nature: both the strong, fierce warrior goddess in you and the soft, yielding princess. The truth is, we women are both: fierce and fragile, strong and vulnerable. Sometimes we've been taught to value one over the other, and we live a lopsided-femininity.


With this Flowdream, you awaken the complete YOU. Be ready to go deep into your emotional self to reclaim your feminine power, including your sexiness, desirability, mental strength, physical beauty, and strong loving heart. You'll remember that you are, indeed, the complete package. Be prepared to "go there" — acknowledge your needs and desires — and program the Flow to meet them.


What is this Flowdream For?

  • Enhancing your awareness of how beautiful you truly are
  • Opening and accepting your sensual self
  • Creating an instant on-demand buzz of energy around your gorgeous strength and personality
  • Integrating any disconnected or shut down parts of your femininity

  • Learning to love and honor your feminine power, so you can use the inherent strength in it

  • Growing and deepening your inner power by accepting every aspect of who you are and what you need

  • Recovering from trauma around physical intimacy

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"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Author Summer McStravick
Type Audio mp3(s)
Track Length

18 minutes

Product type Downloadable Audio
UPC CODE 764575028677
GTIN 764575028677
Awaken My Feminine Power Sample
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