Raises, Promotions, and Recognition

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Does someone or some place need to recognize your value? Is it time for a raise, promotion, or recognition of some sort? Raise the energy of being recognized and rewarded for your contributions. Maybe you haven't been seen or noticed enough lately. Maybe you've been taken for granted, or overlooked. Or maybe you're up for a raise or an award right now, and want to be sure you're seen shining brightly!

This Flowdream helps the energy of being recognized and rewarded to surround you and create an awareness of your value to others. This isn't about ego — it's about getting to a place where your value is rewarded and nurtured. This is an excellent Flowdream for anyone who feels that the time has come for them to move up into a place where they have more resources — financially and professionally — in every way.

Use this Flowdream if you:

  • have felt you've been "passed over" too often, and don't know why
  • are wanting others to notice and value your contributions
  • have felt uncomfortable asking others to recognize or reward you
  • want move up at work or in your organization, and need others to support you and help you to do so
  • want more resources and opportunities to come your way in your career, so you can expand and reveal your true talents 


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Raises Promotions and Recognition Sample