Everyday Is My Birthday

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Imagine a towering pile of shiny gifts, all with your name on them! Gifts that the Universe is giving you every single day of the year—not just on one special day.

Use Everyday Is My Birthday all year round year to experience the rich feeling of knowing the Universe pours gifts your way day-after-day and surrounds you with abundance. Experience the soft relief of knowing that your future is bright with opportunities and support. Feel it, and so it becomes.

Don't let the title of this Flowdream fool you—it's not just for one special day. Play it 365 days a year, since each time Everyday is My Birthday literally affirms to the Universe that you know how loving and supportive it is, and you open your arms wide to receive all the bounty, riches, gifts, and connections, love, and health it has for you everyday you wake up.

This Flowdream brings together multiple feelings into one rich experience that combines deep gratitude with knowing you're a great receiver who's walking into a mountain of gifts and happy events.

Use Everyday Is My Birthday to:

  • Acknowledge and receive a huge pile of gifts and fortune the Universe has piled up and ready for you.
  • Cultivate a feeling that good things aren't few and far between. Instead, they happen daily in your world.
  • Re-open your heart and expectations to the universal flow of bounty and abundance.
  • Fill up with feelings that you're already receiving exactly what you need or whatever will make you the most happy—even if you don't know what that is yet.
  • Heal feelings of distrust and disappointment that have negatively impacted your life.

This track is also part of the Bountiful Receiver playlist, which helps you influence your energy and Flow with intense feelings of luck, winnings, and bounty from all kinds of places. Check out Bountiful Receiver for a true dip into absolute luck.

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Author Summer McStravick
Type Audio mp3(s)
Track Length 15:11
Product type Downloadable Audio
UPC CODE 764575066051
GTIN 764575066051
Everyday Is My Birthday - Track Sample
Everyday Is My Birthday - Track Sample