Pure Inner Ecstasy Playlist

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Experience the six most delicious, powerful, and emotionally nurturing Flowdreams in the whole store. This collection focuses on feeling loved all the time, in any situation. This is the perfect playlist to emotionally recondition yourself to feel amazing all the time, no matter what.

This playlist contains the following six tracks:

1. Beyond Fear 

Leveling up in your life means that you're ready to commit to doing ANYTHING Flow gives you that will break you free from where you are. You have to move your mindset into a new comfort-zone, and this means feeling uncomfortable for a while. It means facing this discomfort by truly taking on your fears and deciding that they are no longer dictating your decisions and your life. Fears are insidious. Half the time, they go around masquerading as something else: self-doubt, insecurity, aversion to risk, inability to say what you want or how you feel, indecision, confusion. All of these are manifestations of fear.

Once you get in the habit of peeling back the layers and looking for fear at the heart of each thing that holds you back, you'll find fear almost everywhere. Instead, tell the Universe you're ready for a real change. You're ready to stop hanging back. You're ready to live a life without fear. This Flowdream lets you discover how you feel beyond your own fears. It's a feeling-place unique to you, where you are unstoppable, strong, powerful, and utterly free.

Once you taste this feeling, it'll become one of your favorite Flowdreams. In fact, in ranks in our Top 10 Most-Loved Flowdreams!

Use this Flowdream to:

  • discover where your fears are and how they hold you back
  • encounter your "fear-free zone" and allow it to start guiding you daily
  • feel the delicious freedom of making choices without fear or doubt

2. Emotional Ecstasy 

Do the words "emotional ecstasy" scare you ... or intrigue you? What is your relationship to joy, inner power, and emotional fulfillment? Chances are that like most people, you rely on other people and "the world" to serve up your peak emotional experiences to you. You don't get joy or ecstasy without someone else offering to bring them out in you.

This Flowdream totally reconstructs your understanding of how you are allowed to feel good, and when you're allowed to feel good. You'll learn that you can be in a state of pure and utter joy and rampant fulfillment just by calling those feelings into yourself. You don't have to wait for anyone, or anything. And those feelings will not be hollow ... rather they become the template for all kinds of actual physical events to shape themselves around. This is manifesting at its finest.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • reach a state of pure inner ecstasy — a feeling thatjust being alive is a miracle in itself!
  • grow or enhance your ability to feel good emotions
  • feel what total inner joy is really like

3. Super Inner Yumminess

Super Inner Yumminess is part self-love and part crazy courage! This unique Flowdream boosts both types of feelings about yourself and broadcasts them into your Flow.  You ARE a strong, courageous person. You're also adorable, lovable, and deserving. And, these characteristics are beautifully balanced inside you, so you can courageously say "no" to what you don't want just as easily as you say "yes" to what you do. What's more, you are the ONLY ONE in control of your life - -and if you've given over that power to anyone else, someone who tells you what you can or can't do, or how you should or shouldn't feel — you'll discover that they have no right to do this any longer and your Flow supports you in this.

Summer created this Flowdream after realizing she was allowing her fear of hurting or disappointing others to cripple her own growth. She began working deep in herself to discover where her courage came from, and once she discovered where and how she was giving her power away to other people, she decided to purposely cultivate her own inner strength by practicing feeling it in her Flow. 

To stay balanced, she added other feelings she also wanted — of being happy inside herself, of being deserving of all her desires no matter what anyone else said, and of allowing herself to be vulnerable under the right circumstances. This unique Flowdream is the result. It's become one of our Top 10 Most-Loved Flowdreams.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • discover how courageous you can be
  • end other people's control over your thoughts and decisions
  • understand how incredibly full of love, strength, and power you really are

4. Super Lucky 

Something wonderful is coming to you. Something extraordinary, that will change your life forever for the better.  You'll be excitedly saying to all your friends and family, "I was SO lucky! It happened to ME! To ME! Can you believe it?!" This beautiful Flowdream takes you into the middle of this feeling, so you can charge up your Flow energy to create immense luck in your life. Whether you want to WIN things (lottery, casinos, even your local bake contest) or if you're desiring that some wonderful event or opportunity come to you, this Flowdream can help!

You'll focus on bringing in the energy of big winnings (money, cars, vacations — you name it!) as well as bringing in a cascade of good, lucky occurrences. Why stop with one? Call Lady Luck to yourself and the Universe happily answers as the energy of luck swirls into your life and begins generating all kinds of good things. You will LOVE the sensation you feel at the end of this mp3, when you sense that you can be and ARE a lucky person who the Universe and Flow blesses with bounty.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • feel lucky at the casino or lottery
  • generate a windfall of good things in your life
  • reverse feelings of being unlucky, or undeserving of the Universe's bounty
  • attain a super positive frame of mind and a joyful feeling through your day
  • cultivate a sense that many good opportunities and wonderful situations are making their way into your life

5. Supercharged Manifesting 

Finally, a Flowdream to help you increase your fundamental manifesting power! With this Flowdream, you'll go right to where your emotional energy emerges and learn to precisely control the degree of feeling you generate. Flowdreamers know that we communicate to the Universe through emotion. By learning to release, accept, and gain control over your emotional self, you become an immensely more powerful manifestor.

In this Flowdream, you're taught how to instantly access your emotional reserve and apply it to your manifesting. So many of you have said that you find it difficult to create an emotion "on demand." This Flowdream is an exercise that helps you do just this. We don't know of any other meditation or exercise ANYWHERE that helps you learn this incredible skill. After years of training, Summer (the creator of Flowdreaming) can instantly summon any emotional state within herself — including sublime happiness. 

Instead of being a victim to her emotions, she's learned that through practice, you can learn to command them. She applies this skill to her manifesting, and you can learn how too.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • deepen your connection to your emotions, especially if they feel repressed or shut down
  • learn to instantly create an emotion on demand that you can apply to all your other Flowdreams
  • reconnect with your emotional self, and feel intense acceptance for how you were made and how you feel

6. The Yellow Brick Road of Yes's 

Yes, yes, yes! It's so good to hear people tell us "YES!"  We NEED "yes's" for so many things, and the feeling of yes is one that is rewarding, positive, easy, helpful, and lucrative.  "Yes" is an energy, just like "no" is. Try this little experiment to yourself: Say, "yes yes yes" to yourself three times. How does it feel? Now say, "no no no."  You'll notice a very definite emotional difference.

Now imagine what might happen if you infuse the energy of your life with the feeling of yes. All kinds of good things can spring from this. "Yes" is a feeling of doors opening, resources coming, and wishes granted. What do you need a "yes" for? If you've been feeling an overload of negative energy (restriction, obstruction, blocked) then try this Flowdream to bring in more spontaneous "yes's" from the people and situations around you.  

Use this Flowdream to:

  • bring in an influx of people who want to help you, guide you, or offer assistance
  • bring in situations where you are given good things, or where a "yes" means getting what you want
  • overturn an overabundance of "no's" you've recently had 
  • change your fortunes so things you try turn out well, fueled by yes's that guide you in a positive, great direction


Why get the Playlist?

Summer has carefully selected groupings of Flowdreams she believes will create the most powerful change when used as a set. While you can often buy the Flowdreams in a Playlist as singles, we encourage you to use these carefully chosen Playlists if you want maximum effect.

"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Track 1: Beyond Fear, 23 minutes

Track 2: Emotional Ecstasy, 18 minutes

Track 3: Super Inner Yumminess, 15 minutes

Track 4: Super Lucky, 12 minutes

Track 5: Supercharged Manifesting, 15 minutes

Track 6: The Yellow Brick Road of Yes's, 13 minutes

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