Supercharged Manifesting

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Finally, a Flowdream to help you increase your fundamental manifesting power! With this Flowdream, you'll go right to where your emotional energy emerges and learn to precisely control the degree of feeling you generate.  

Flowdreamers know that we communicate to the universe through emotion. By learning to release, accept, and gain control over your emotional self, you become an immensely more powerful manifestor.

In this Flowdream, you're taught how to instantly access your emotional reserve and apply it to your manifesting. So many of you have said that you find it difficult to create an emotion "on demand." This Flowdream is an exercise that helps you do just this. We don't know of any other meditation or exercise ANYWHERE that helps you learn this incredible skill.

After years of training, Summer (the creator of Flowdreaming) can instantly summon any emotional state within herself — including sublime happiness. Instead of being a victim to her emotions, she's learned that through practice, you can learn to command them. She applies this skill to her manifesting, and you can learn how too.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • deepen your connection to your emotions, especially if they feel repressed or shut down
  • learn to instantly create an emotion on demand that you can apply to all your other Flowdreams
  • reconnect with your emotional self, and feel intense acceptance for how you were made and how you feel


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Author Summer McStravick
Type Audio mp3(s)
Track Length

16 minutes

Product type Downloadable Audio
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Supercharged Manifesting Sample
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