Relationship Repair

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Do you stay, or do you go? What does your partner want? Are you right for each other? This Flowdream helps you and your partner discover the best possible solution to your issues, as you both act from your highest place. Feel your partner in the Flow with you, as you listen deeply and lovingly to each other and express your fears, worries, upsets, and anything else that needs to be aired and moved through.

Really feel your partner present with you and experience sharing, releasing, and finding a solution ... pre-acting these feelings into the Flow to allow Flow to find you the best conditions for actually doing this in your "real" life. Feel joy at knowing that the right and best decisions are being made, and that you and your partner have all the resources you need to figure things out ... for the absolute best for both of you! 

The Flowdream will also lead you back into that point when the two of you were both blissfully happy with each other, thereby pulling this energy back into your Flows again.

Use this Flowdream to:  

  • release anger and disappointment between you and your partner  
  • be led to the most perfect, healthy actions with each other  
  • create a win-win so you're both happy with your newly discovered solutions  
  • remember what your ideal relationship feels like with each other, and generate more feelings of love and admiration between you


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Author Summer McStravick
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20 minutes

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Relationship Repair Sample