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Overnight Riches Meditation Playlist

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Manifest wealth and new streams of income as you drift to sleep or meditate. Experience the feeling of being truly open to universal abundance as you bask in the same energetic template that wealthy people possess.

This playlist contains the following three tracks:

1. Financial Abundance: A Flowdream Meditation 

Soak yourself in riches as you fall asleep. This hybrid Flowdream Meditation expands your access to the unending streams of income that constantly and already swirl around you. Create and maintain a feeling that you've reached, and surpassed, your income goals. This meditation settles deep into your mind, programming your emotional-energetic self and your subconscious as you either meditate or sleep.

Followers of Abraham-Hicks, Law of Attraction, and manifesting know that financial abundance means you don't engage in scarcity thinking anymore. Instead you're always thinking about what you're doing with your surplus of money. It also means you've met and SURPASSED your basic needs for how much income and security you require in your life. 

In this Flowdream Meditation, money and income flow to you from many good sources, and you never feel scared that any will dry up and go away. In fact, more and more streams of income open for you every day!

Use this Flowdream Meditation to:

  • feel your connection to income expand and grow, so the energy of money can flow to you easily
  • allow new sources of income to show up in your life
  • recognize and adjust your current relationship to abundance by doing active energy adjustments in your meditation
  • remove and replace old subconscious programming that have led you into poverty-thinking or lack
  • program your sleep cycle with potent, life-altering statements about how you deserve to be materially secure and prosperous

2. Overnight Riches: A Flowdream Meditation 

Manifest wealth by becoming the energy of abundance in this highly effective Flowdream Meditation. Thousands of people have used this unique active meditation to create rich sources of income in their lives, often on the very first try! This meditation is unique because you seem to actually BECOME the energy of wealth and riches as Summer guides you via her richly evocative words. 

If you are a follower of Manifesting, Law of Attraction, or Abraham-Hicks, you'll love how this Flowdream Meditation truly creates FOR you as you let your mental-emotional self fly free! You'll create feelings of allowing, deserving, and finally becoming financially safe and abundant, which increase every time you listen.

Either meditate or fall asleep to this mp3 as you:

  • enhance your ability to FEEL what money-energy is like in your life
  • allow your subconscious to absorb new good feelings about having money
  • offset any frustration you have with money or income 
  • remove and replace old subconscious programming that has led you into poverty-thinking or lack
  • program your sleep cycle with potent, life-altering statements about how you deserve to be materially secure and prosperous

This hybrid Flowdream Meditation allows you to either meditate or fall gently asleep to feelings of wealth and abundance.

3. The Art of Allowing and Receiving: A Flowdream Meditation Allow and receive. You see the bounty of the Universe pouring in to people all the time. Why not you? Why do you always need to grow, change, push, force, wait, or be different than you are in order to receive universal abundance? You don't. In this Flowdream Meditation, you're guided to the endless fountain of abundance, where all that's requested of you is that you let your life happen, let good things occur, and allow Source to give you whatever it is that you need for your next big step forward into fulfillment. 

You don't even have to know what your next step is. You just need to feel yourself wide open to receiving something joyous, fulfilling, and bountiful. Whether it's a solution, a situation, and opportunity, a relationship, a life direction, or anything else you seek, this Flowdream Meditation will help you align your energy into the right place where you can actually accept what's offered to you.

The point of this meditation is to take to you the place where you've already earned it, so you can see the mountain of treasure that's been piled up waiting for you. Use this hybrid meditation-Flowdream either for meditation or at bedtime to prime both your subconscious and energy self with this manifesting emotion.


"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations" 


Additional Information

Type Audio mp3(s)
Author Summer McStravick
Track Length

Track 1: Financial Abundance: A Flowdream Meditation, 14 minutes

Track 2: Overnight Riches: A Flowdream Meditation, 17 minutes

Track 3: The Art of Allowing and Receiving: A Flowdream Meditation, 21 minutes

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