The Art of Allowing and Receiving: A Flowdream Meditation 280

The Art of Allowing and Receiving: A Flowdream Meditation

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Allow and receive. You see the bounty of the Universe pouring in to people all the time. Why not you? Why do you always need to grow, change, push, force, wait, or be different than you are in order to receive universal abundance? You don't. In this Flowdream Meditation, you're guided to the endless fountain of abundance, where all that's requested of you is that you let your life happen, let good things occur, and allow Source to give you whatever it is that you need for your next big step forward into fulfillment. 

You don't even have to know what your next step is. You just need to feel yourself wide open to receiving something joyous, fulfilling, and bountiful. Whether it's a solution, a situation, and opportunity, a relationship, a life direction, or anything else you seek, this Flowdream Meditation will help you align your energy into the right place where you can actually accept what's offered to you.

The point of this meditation is to take to you the place where you've already earned it, so you can see the mountain of treasure that's been piled up waiting for you. Use this hybrid meditation-Flowdream either for meditation or at bedtime to prime both your subconscious and energy self with this manifesting emotion. 


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Author Summer McStravick
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21 minutes

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