Deep Self-Love: A Flowdream Meditation 275

Deep Self-Love: A Flowdream Meditation

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Fall asleep or meditate to soothing words of self-love and connection to your Source self. This meditation nurtures your awareness of your own eternal being while at the same time encouraging you to feel the deep, transformative love inherent within you. You'll experience love in all its forms, from all different sources. 

Self-love, love from God or Source, love from family and friends — it's all here in this beautiful meditation. You'll be led to a place where the feeling of being nurtured and adored is a constant emotional state. This hybrid Flowdream Meditation leads you into a dreamlike state where you can easily meditate or fall asleep, no effort required. The deeply thoughtful and luscious wording places you right where all love (past, present and even future love!) is stored in your energy self, so you can awaken to this feeling even as you fall into a beautiful night's sleep, or into an intensely freeing and focused meditation.

It's an amazing trip into a place where there are no judgments, and no need to do more or be more. This is many people's favorite meditation because the words and imagery are so richly beautiful and moving. You are loved for who you ALREADY are. Experience an opening of your heart.


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Author Summer McStravick
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16 minutes

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