Totally Debt-Free

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Positive Affirmations for Wealth

Are you feeling pressured by a wall of debt? Do you wonder how you'll ever pay it off and despair about whether you can? Are you unsure of your options and hoping for a miracle? 

This Flowdream uses positive affirmations to increase wealth, which works from the inside out to help you refocus these despairing thoughts into a robust, confident understanding that your debt is decreasing and new ways to release it begin appearing to you.

Meditation for Financial Abundance

Using meditation for financial abundance will allow you to feel what it's like to be totally debt-free, and feel a happy surprise, pleasure, and pride at how you managed to eliminate your debt. You'll direct your Flow to find new avenues of income while at the same time bringing you the right resources for debt-relief. Your financial obligations will shrink away, and you’ll move into productive earnings again.

This Flowdream uses positive affirmations to increase wealth whenever you want to:

  • reverse the direction of money energy to go from "negative" to positive, so money starts coming in rather than pouring out

  • bring in the most helpful resources and wise advisers to help you fill yourself with a feeling of what it will be like to start fresh with no burden on you

  • let your Flow tap into financial abundance through meditation to show you the very best method or opportunities for paying off, reducing, or forgiving your debt

Note! While we may call it a meditation, the track is actually a Flowdream—a powerful, emotional, upbeat energy exercise that helps you manifest your dreams and heal your life.

If you enjoy this track, you can also find it in the Rich, Secure and Debt-Free Playlist.


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