Everything Is Easy

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Make Life Easier

What would your life be like if you programmed your life's "default setting" to pure ease? If you committed to learning from success, not hardship? If you allowed your life to flow and to move you into everything with grace, curiosity, and gratitude?

What if you took the "It's hard!" off everything?! Well you can, You can make life easier by playing this Flowdream, “Everything Is Easy.” As you listen, you program your mind, heart, and Flow with ease, freedom, and flow and that’s how you begin manifesting these into your own real life.

Many of us get stuck on the idea that we only learn through pain, and we expect our life to present us with constant challenges. We say all kinds of negative, lack-filled things like, "I hope it'll work out," "I don't expect much," and "It's going to be rough."

Is that really what you want to manifest?

Instead, learn how to stop negative self talk and instead increase your success, confidence, relationships, and material surroundings by playing with the concept that everything is easy. Yes, you can make life easier! It all starts with using this guided Flowdream to put you and your life into an instant state of ease.

This Flowdream helps you feel how smoothly and quickly you can accomplish things, and how you can easily receive anything you're after.

Use this Flowdream to:

  • kick off new projects so they develop smoothly and get the right energy from the start
  • untangle current difficult situations so they "solve themselves"
  • cultivate a new baseline for your life, where most things that happen are in Flow, in alignment, and on purpose!
  • recondition your emotions to expect that things will happen to make your life MORE filled with ease and love, and erase the years of "struggle-and-lack-thinking" you may have ended up with
  • Learn how to stop negative self-talk and replace it with feelings that everything is working out for you, all the time!
  • work on ANY situation or future desire that you know needs to happen with ease, grace, and abundance

"Program Your Life with Flowdreaming Audios & Meditations"

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Author Summer McStravick
Type Audio mp3(s)
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17 minutes

Product type Downloadable Audio
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Everything Is Easy Sample
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