Flowdreaming Podcast 577: Lessons in Future Being

#577: Lessons in Future Being [M.E. School]

I’m taking you for a peek inside with a lesson on crafting your Future Self. Who are you? How do you look and feel? What have you made, and what have you released? Yes, you definitely create a blueprint for your Future Self. In fact it’s really important! Your Future Self needs to be felt, described, and moved toward every day. Most people just let their futures happen by default. Not you. You’re learning to craft it.

M.E. School is enrolling right now, and this lesson is taken directly from its content, so take it further by checking out M.E. School at http://www.flowdreaming.com/meschool.

Flowdreaming Podcast 627: How to Find (Or Re-find) Your Life Purpose

#627: How to Find (Or Re-find) Your Life Purpose

What’s life purpose anyway? Is it all a fantasy or is it real? If it’s real, then how do you find it? We spend time looking at how we evolved our perception of a life purpose, and how we can easily change it.

You’ll take a look at your own life purpose (or purposes!) and gain new satisfaction and clarity around what you’ve chosen to do, or not do, in your life so far. It’s a really good episode!

Explore your life purpose with me…and enjoy a Flowdream in this episode to help you get there!

Recommended Playlist for deeper work: Ready to Go Big Playlist.

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Flowdreaming Podcast 626: The Easiest (And Hardest) Part of Healing

#626: The Easiest (And Hardest) Part of Inner Healing

Sometimes the hardest part of healing happens years after the actual damage. It’s the inability to come back from it. A broken ankle gets a cast. But a broken heart or a broken dream? See how to use your emotions and Flow to heal ANYTHING! Inner healing isn’t just the ability to forget..it requires inner rebuilding and strengthening. And that’s what’s this episode is about!

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