The first email I read today is a friend’s “so-called” business newsletter. She usually hardly ever talks about business in it.

Instead, she’s typically describing her latest break up drama, or how her company is reinventing itself in perfect syncopation with her own internal reinvention, which happens dramatically around every six months. Her newsletter stays juicy.

I love it.

I’ve realized that the three newsletters I read most often are all from women who tell me about their kids, husbands, and lives more than anything else.

There’s the corporate woman with the farmer husband. And the Australian woman who keeps moving houses every year, always searching for the better place to be, dragging her husband and kiddos with her. And the entrepreneurial lawyer who’s a Burning Man devotee.

I realize that even though I’m reading their emails just to find the juicy scoop on what’s going on in their world, they somehow slip in their business messages too.

In fact it deepens their validity that I can watch them build and run hugely successful businesses exactly while all their head and heart drama unfolds.

It’s not a slow train wreck”¦it’s a slow train assembly, and they’re simply handling all the routine fallout from life as they continuously assemble their dreams.

I remember when I used to only teach and talk about Flow, and never about myself.

I hid behind my work, thinking that was only what you wanted to hear about: Flowdreaming.

I felt really uncomfortable sharing my personal self with you, probably for all the same reasons you might feel uncomfortable sharing yourself with thousands of strangers all over the world (fear of being judged, fear of being misunderstood, fear of letting people know “too much” about who I really am, etc.)

But here we are, with me in the middle of cancer treatment, writing to you all about being bald and nauseous, being at an inner crossroads, learning even more about making good choices, being hopped up on a half-dozen drugs at 3 a.m., deepening my understanding emotional self-healing”¦and on and on.

You get to see the end result of Flowdreaming in all the ways I’m living through this.

If I truly live in Flow, and if I manifest and create with the Universe, and if my personal growth and ongoing devotion to my expansion are the #1 things that uplevel my life”¦then the proof of this is what you see happening to me, day to day, in my own life, with what Flow hands me.

Which is, by necessity, personal.

I realized years ago that one of Flow’s jobs in my life is to crack me open and let me spill out like an egg yolk in front of everyone. I used to hate it!

But if I resist it, my life gets small. If I embrace it, my life gets bigger. And I always have the choice.

So I stopped resisting it and finally said, “OK, do what you want with me.”

And this is how I got out of the way of my myself.

I got out of my way, and let Flow use me however it needed so I can share the messages I have about all the Big Themes I embrace.

It led me to M.E. School. It’s led to multiple book deals. It’s led me to a much better work and family life balance. It’s led me to become more open and real and loving with everyone I know. It’s led me to numerous ongoing shifts in how I connect to my Divine self and to the life-changing “downloads” that slip in so constantly and reflexively that I often forget I’m even communicating with these Higher Sources. I could go on for pages”¦

I admire my three business heroines precisely because they let themselves spill out all over the page even more than I do.

So my new scary intention is to add myself to the list: here are FOUR women who’re letting you see their drama. Four very successful women I might add, whose drama doesn’t take them down, but propels them instead.

None of us hide ourselves, or hide behind our material by preaching what we know over what we do and are.

I’m thinking of a lot of coaches out there right now who’re worried about if what they know is good enough for their clients.

I’m thinking of lots of other people, too, in all kinds of other fields, who’re also hiding behind their professional knowledge because they’re afraid of sharing their personal selves.

Are you doing that? Are you hamstringing Flow in your life (and your own growth and expansion), because it might mean sharing yourself openly and bluntly?

It might mean you’ve been writing surfacey, empty business newsletters.

It might mean you’ve been hiding your personal, real self behind your work self.

It might mean you’ve been holding back from the world in any and all kinds of ways.

Try letting yourself spill out instead. See how your Flow responds to you. Does it open doors as a result, or close them?

Can you think of one way you’ve been hiding, and post it below?

Then let transcending that habit be your action step of the week.

(I really want to hear the ways you hide, so I can see if maybe I’m doing it too! Sometimes it takes someone else’s revelation to trigger your own.)

XO with lots of love and Flow!!


P.S. This is the very best playlist for letting yourself out to the world: Reclaim My Power and Speak My Truth Playlist