Work, work, work. Get ahead, do the right thing. Succeed. Be perfect.

 After awhile, the hamster wheel slows. Maybe we retire. Maybe we burn out. Maybe we’re facing (or recovering from) an illness. Maybe we’re in that long stretch between jobs, or careers. And we realize ”¦ we don’t know how to float, to soften in. We lost the ability to trust, and revel in the delightful things. We frantically push out of this phase instead of releasing into it. We are afraid to stop hustling and just enjoy. And even if you do, we time-limit the experience. If this is you, then listen in to learn how to soften, deepen, and cherish this phase instead of fighting it. My Easy, Flowing Life Playlist can help.

In this episode:

5:08 – Discover the patterns we have that pull us into resistance when things are going well

7:18 – Find out how most of us spend the majority of our time in stress

11:20 – Learn what “learning to float” means

12:30 – Hear how trust plays a huge part in how we can enjoy life

15:00 – Get into a mini Flow with Summer taking you to a place of relief

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