A tutorial! How did Summer build M.E. School? And her Flowdreaming website?

Summer shares how she uses non-physical energy to shore up all the physical things she does to spread the word about Flow. Learn how and where YOUR tribe is, and how you can collect them around you with a lot less effort that you’ve probably been putting in. Use the My Hugely Successful Business Playlist at Flowdreaming.com for the next step.

In this episode:

3:55 – Find out Summer’s recommendation for growing a thriving business

5:05 – Discover why your client base is bigger than you think

6:30 –  Hear about a bad habit you might have that can affect your ability to attract clients

10:36 – Learn Summer’s technique for looking for clients

23:03 – Find out how your energy base can work for and against you 

27:10 – See what you can do to avoid burnout when growing your business

Ready to grow bigger and better in your business? Go listen to #573: How to Get More Clients on Apple Podcasts/iTunesGoogle Play, Spotify, or at InFlowRadio.com.


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