Can you be extra lucky? YES!

Let’s play with increasing the energy of good fortune and luck in your life. Luck is random AND luck is cultivated. Choose an area you want to feel lucky in, then listen to this episode! Then, do your daily practice with the Flowdream Winner’s Mindset at

In this episode:

2:28 – Learn the difference between luck and intentional winning and about a brand new product to help you change your fortune

4:45 – Find out how luck can become a power leak.

5:25 – Discover what attributes lucky people tend to have.

8:25 – Hear how intuition relates to luck.

9:45 – Learn how believing you are lucky can make it true for you.

14:53 – Get yourself in the winner’s mindset and let the universe match it to you.

16:50 – Discover how desperation works against you aligning to what you want.

Are you ready for some lucky energy? Go listen to Flowdreaming Podcast #602: Incredibly Lucky You! Use Flow to Win Anything – Lotteries, Bingo, Raffles, Prizes, or Gambling on Apple Podcasts/iTunesGoogle Play, Spotify, or at


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